Believe In Your Luck – Wire LP

Tomorrow (Friday 31st March) sees the release of Wire‘s new LP ‘Silver/Lead’.

Released to coincide (almost exactly) with the 40th anniversary of the band’s first gig as a four piece, ‘Silver/Lead’ is a bit of a departure in that it’s the band’s slowest album ever. The first track released, ‘Short Elevated Period’ (featured here a few weeks ago) was atypical as it’s the album’s one brisk moment. Otherwise a lot of the record is pitched at a mid-tempo.

Which doesn’t sound too promising. But although I’ve only listened to the album 3 times so far all the indications are that it boasts the same addictive qualities that earned ‘Wire’ such frequent plays a couple of years ago.

Interestingly I didn’t feature the second track released into the wild, ‘Diamonds In Cups’ when it first appeared on Soundcloud. Perhaps it was the fact that the T-Rex influence in the press was to my mind over-stated but the song didn’t grab me much at all.

Which in retrospect was a ridiculous snap judgement. I had a not dissimilar reaction to ‘Joust & Jostle’ from ‘Wire’ and quite quickly loved it hearing in context of the album.

The same can absolutely be said for ‘Diamonds In Cups’ which already seems one of the stand-out tracks on the record along with the likes of ‘This Time’ and ‘Forever & A Day’.

Of course I’m presenting ‘Diamonds In Cups’ out of context below but trust me ‘Silver/Lead’ is another wonderful Wire record.

To mark the release of the album, Wire present 3 DRILL Festivals in Los Angeles from tonight until 2nd April (and featuring Bob Mould amongst other), Leeds (at the Brudenell Social Club) on 21st – 23rd April, Berlin (7th May) and Brussels (13th May).

The Leeds DRILL is preceded by a show in Stockton-on-Tees on 20th April with the Cathode Ray as support. Gutted that work means that I can’t go to that.

A UK tour is expected later in the year. More info on Wire performances here.