Da Brudders Randolph

Randolph’s Leap / Rise Kagona & The Jit Jive / Kid Canaveral / Sacred  Paws / Spinning Coin – The Classic Grand, Glasgow – Saturday 1st April 2017

These events are always good to see old favourites and hopefully pick up some new ones. It was also an opportunity to catch up with both Randolph’s Leap and Kid Canaveral after … eight days. More of that later.

First off were Spinning Coin who seem to be generating a bit of a buzz. They reminded me  a bit of a little more  straightforward Pavement. There’s two singers, who take turns at the mic and in general I’d say that I preferred the even numbered songs which seemed a bit noisier, although to be fair the whole set got gradually noisier the longer it went. Interested to hear the singles.

Spinning Coin

Next up, were another hotly tipped act, Sacred Paws. They were the second Afro-beat influenced band of my weekend (after Indigo velvet at the Vladimir show).

At their core they are an energetic 2-piece although they were augmented by a bass and additional guitar for a few songs. Fair to say that they got more than a few folk dancing and Mrs MPT expressed an interest to hear the album (since purchased).

Sacred Paws

Unexpectedly the show hit the tea-break bang on schedule, albeit this wasn’t such a logistical feat as there had just been two bands to work round. Tea-time turned out to be a little frantic for the MPTs as we had to try 3 restaurants before finding an Indian which was doing a buffet. But we were back in time for Kid Canaveral. Which is where time-wise ICDTTM5 started to unravel (as these things always do).

It would be easy to take the Kids for granted when we see them so often. But this show was terrific, really one of the best. Sound-wise it was a step up from the previous week at Newport with the guitars noticeably more prominent. That’s always going to help and they managed to match any other of the bands on the day for energy. No mean feat in itself.

Four fifths of Kid Canaveral

‘Faulty Inner Dialogue’ is without doubt an under-rated LP and the band are currently providing live shows to match its quality.

Starting late (and probably not sticking to time either!) Rise Kagona and the Jit Jive were the dance sensations of the weekend. Not so much influenced by Afro-beat but actually being THE Afro-beat band, right from the off the Bhundu Boys veteran had the crowd dancing like maniacs. It was a joyous set which no-one wanted to end.

Rise Kagona & the Jit Jive

End it did though even if the hosts and headliners were left with little more than 10 minutes to play! There was only one approach for Randolph’s Leap to deploy and they blasted through their set in pure Ramones style.

Even though they ran past the 10 p.m. curfew by about 15 minutes they managed to fit in a surprising number of tunes into those 25 minutes. Which meant that there couldn’t have been a bigger contrast between the previous week’s solo set and the full band show. The downside was that there wasn’t time for any new tunes, so that’s something that will have to wait for next time.  But there will be a next time.