Saturday Morning Shorts #5 – The Paranoid Style, Tom Hickox, Vladimir and BSP

Not so much of a week of older stuff this time.

Here’s a new song from the Paranoid Style. It’s a cover of a musical song, allegedly, but, updated lyrics or not, it sounds very much like a Style song and I can’t find any trace of ‘TYPECAST!’ nor its alleged composer on the internet!

The Style are fond of using public information broadcasts in their videos and so it appears is Tom Hickox. We saw and enjoyed him supporting Julian Cope a few weeks back and ‘The Fanfare’ is taken from his new LP ‘Monsters From the Deep’:

There’s not much of Vladimir’s music out there on the internet at the moment but here’s the official video for ‘In My Head’:

Finally an older song which British Sea Power played during the encore of last week’s Edinburgh show. Funnily enough MOJ is an album I’ve never got on with previously but I may be changing my mind. Expect the live review to emerge tomorrow:



  1. For some reason BSP have not played a full Glasgow show for quite some time, look forward to the live review, a band that BM was quite obsessed with around ten years ago but have slowly faded from priorities, maybe undeservedly…cheers for the always interesting commentary and like the Vladimir plug as well…

  2. There’s lots to love about BSP and it’s easy to see why folk get them but I’ve never quite fallen in love with them. Think the new LP is their best since ‘Rock Music?’ and last Sunday was better than either of the times I’ve seen them in Dundee. If a little busy!

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