Hey! Ho! Billordo! – Billordo and Spare Snare live

Billordo/Spare Snare – The Cool Cat Club, Conroy’s Basement, Dundee – Friday 5th May 2017

Feeling a fair deal fresher than I expected at Friday tea-time, I felt up to crossing the Tay to see the Billordo/Spare Snare show particularly since Andy had promised it would be over about 10.

Of course, he lied – it was much nearer 11 – somehow I managed to get through the evening without falling asleep on my feet. And I’m very glad I did as this turned out to be a very special show indeed.

First up was a full band set from Spare Snare – the primary reason for my trip. They were as excellent as ever mixing the hits with a couple of new tunes which whetted the appetite for the new album due out in July. And they were joined for the final ‘Bugs’ by Billordo.

Spare Snare played:

1. Stop Complaining  2. As A Matter of Fact  3. Hope You Never Go  4. I’ll Get By  5. If I Had A Hi-Fi  6. We Know The Truth  7. Super Slinky  8. Work I Am  9. Smile It’s Sugar  10. Bugs

Whilst the band vacated the stage, Jan introduced the evening’s headliner – Argentinian punk troubadour Billordo. I genuinely didn’t know what to expect but, like most other audience members, was blown away by the charismatic South American.

Armed only with a (semi-)acoustic he gave the most energetic performance you could imagine from a seated man. Very quickly he had the audience eating out of his hand and singing along before finally rising from his seat for the end to the set.

He was definitely giving off a Hűsker Dű vibe and that feeling only intensified by his final number (played largely on his back on the floor!) which sounded like it might have come from ‘Zen Arcade’.

At which point the Snare re-took the stage as his backing band for a blast through no fewer than further five tunes, including ‘No Quise Angustiarte’ the song the Snare covered which ultimately led to this hook-up.

Neither Jan nor the crowd would let it finish there and Billordo was persuaded to remove his guitar from its case for a final couple of songs, the latter of which headed for similar psychedelic wig-out territory as Julian Cope manages solo.

All in all it was a wonderful, never to be repeated, evening and I do feel privileged to have witnessed it.

And the good news is that Billordo does hope to return to these shores at some stage.

Some more snaps from the show:

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