After a planned hiatus (honest!), SMS returns today – hopefully not just for 1 week!

It’s funny how rarely I actually listen to classic albums – but I did that last weekend and this is the first track on one of my absolute all-time favourite albums:

Staying in New York, I’ve been listening to all the Big Sleep’s records this week. Whilst the band is effectively on hiatus at the moment I believe that a fourth LP is at a fairly advanced stage although it may not be released until Danny and Sonya are able to promote it.

Anyhow, from their second LP ‘Sleep Forever’, this is the first TBS track I ever heard:

And finally, staying on the eastern side of the USA, here’s something I stumbled across just this morning. It comprises scenes from a 1950’s French short film ‘Le Ballon Rouge’ set to Mercury Rev’s ‘Holes’ – it’s stunning and quite beautiful: