I consider it a blog fail to have two Saturday Morning Shorts posts in a row and I’ve actually managed to avoid that – until now. Oh well.

Here’s somethings that have featured this week:

Still love the parent LP ‘factorycraft’ a lot after all these years. And we did get a hold of the chocolate single of ‘Anti-Climb Paint’.

There’s  a rare FOUND live appearance next Friday (26th May) at the Hidden Door Festival opening party, whilst Ziggy is playing three shows as Lomond Campbell in August with the Pumpkin Seeds bring full string magnificence to the songs from ‘Black River promise’.

Ah, the Chills. ‘Submarine Bells’ (the album) remains a classic more than 25 years on. Bit surprised with the re-emergence of the band in the last few years that Flying Nun haven’t done reissues of the likes of ‘Submarine Bells’ and ‘Brave Words’.

Not listened to ‘Darklands’ much at all in recent years and usually when I hear something from it, it’s ‘April Skies’. So for a change here’s ‘Happy When It Rains’.

Did get the new LP but not sure it brings much new to the party – ever since ‘Darklands’ it seems that the Mary Chain have only really been tinkering wit the formula, although to be fair fourth long player ‘Honey’s Dead’ is probably my favourite after ‘Psychocandy’.

Next up review of