I Can’t Tell You – The Bellybuttons E.P. preview

The Bellybuttons are a fairly new band to me (writes Andy Wood). Based in Glasgow, the quartet have been together since 2012 but only came to my attention through their superb 5 song E.P. ‘Nostalgia Factory’.

Released in June 2016 on the legendary Fuzzkill Records label on cassette and as a digital download, the songs have a laidback, dreamy but charged feel. At certain points they remind me of early Pavement or Go-Betweens, there is a beautiful, sometimes sparse feel to their sound topped off by a sense of uneasy melancholy. The melodies are pretty special as well. It’s a set of songs that I keep coming back to again and again. Addictive stuff.

The Bellybuttons have a new E.P. ‘Wires’, due out shortly. The lead track, ‘Referendum On You (Enemies)’ has a haunted feel topped off by a sweet tune and, clocking in at under two and a half minutes keeps pulling me back to it to hear it again. And again.

It’s a bittersweet state of the nation address wrapped in the personal, addressing the need to look at our own views and relationships with the opening admission of ‘I can’t tell you what is true / I can’t make you see like me / I can’t tell you what to do.’ offering the observation that we need to look less at differences than what we have in common. And that we can be in love in care for someone without them having to be a mirror of your own precise views and opinions. ‘Referendum On You (Enemies)’ is premiered here.

‘Wires’ is released on Saturday 17th June and they play at The Hug and Pint, Glasgow on the same day at a launch show supported by Savage Mansion and Decent Sweets. For more details you can check out their Facebook page here .