I’d Hardly Believe – The Dream Syndicate video

Very much loving the new Dream Syndicate LP ‘How Did I Find Myself Here?’ just now. Which is quite an appropriate title for the record as they’re a band that I always thought that I should like – for more than 30 years.

I do have, and have had for a very long time, a 12″ of the ‘Tell Me When It’s Over’ single from their debut LP ‘Days of Wine and Roses’ which I think I’d heard on Peel.

Yet it was another record that I never bought at the time (inexplicably with hindsight) – until last month. Prompted by a track from the new LP appearing on an Uncut CD, I sought out ‘Days’ on Spotify and liked it enough to order it.

At the same time I checked out another track from the new LP –  ‘Glide’ – and also liked *that* enough to pre-order the as well. It’s been a good decision because, since it arrived last week, it’s dominated my listening even with stiff competition from the likes of Nadine Shah and Mogwai in the last couple of days.

At times, it does a nice line in jangle rock (see below) but also has circular repetitive numbers such as ‘Glide’ which somehow manages to suspend gravity and the heavier ‘Out of My Head’. ’80 West’ is driven by a monstrous riff whilst ‘Like Mary’ is much more gentle.

The title track itself is an eleven minutes plus epic jam which always reigns itself in at the right times to remain focussed and, rightly or wrongly, reminds me of the Doors. The record finishes with original member Kendra Smith contributing to the aptly titled ‘Kendra’s Dream’ – another of the record’s stand outs.

I’m pretty certain that it’s not going to knock the Blue Aeroplanes off the top spot in my end of year list but it’s certainly not going to be far away at all. And I think I prefer it to the debut …

From the album:

The Dream Syndicate are playing in the UK in November but are only playing four dates and aren’t making it any further north than Leeds. Still tempted …