Song of the Week (7) – The Everlasting Yeah

Whilst I’ve so far featured a new song here over the last few weeks, the arrival of a new Everlasting Yeah video is a significant enough event to capture the Monday slot.

And, yes, it is a new video but it’s not a new tune. Rather the video has been created by momentfive for ‘A Little Bit of Uh Huh and a Whole Lot of Yeah’ – the excellent lead track from the Yeah’s debut album ‘Anima Rising’.

The band had hoped to be more active this year but preparations for the second album were pushed to the background due to health problems for both Ciaran and Brendan. The good news according to Raymond last week on the Joe Solo show is that the two are doing well and the band are hoping to resume active duty next year.

Needless to say, MPT’s best wishes go out to the pair for a full recovery. Some things are more important than music.

Pending 2018, here’s the video for your enjoyment:

‘Anima Rising’ is still available from Occultation Recordings here.

And just to keep my record up there will be an additional song of the week later in the week!