Post Gig Reflections – The Filthy Tongues, Birdhead and Bobby Awe

The Filthy Tongues

The Filthy Tongues / Birdhead / Bobby Awe – Beat Generator Live!, Dundee – Friday 10th November 2017

Another gig in Dundee. Same old story.

After Wire’s misadventures at the venue the previous Sunday, the Filthy Tongues sounded phenomenal on the Friday. They were absolutely on it from the start and nailed it all the way through. Mixed the set a little up with a different Angelfish song (‘Mommy Can’t Drive’) and swapping out one GMM classic (‘The Rattler’) for another (‘Blacker Than Black’). On top of their game at the minute and one of Scotland’s very best.

Birdhead were magnificent too whether early in the set with Stephen’s guitar cutting swathes through the sound or later on with the electronics given a bit more space as the guitar was dialled down. A little. The set was mainly drawn from the debut LP but they sounded fresher than ever finishing with what I’d guess would be the imminent single. Looking forward to seeing them again in the New Year.

Grateful to both these bands for their performances and to Bobby Awe for his exceptionally short notice guerrilla acoustic set. Even if he subsequently managed to involve me in probably THE worst ever joke told in public.

Thanks to John at the venue for his continuing support and to Joe for the sound for the first two acts. Pete, working for the Filthy Tongues, managed to make them sound absolutely superb.

Was going to finish with a rant about the low turnout but what’s the point? Experience suggested we wouldn’t quite match the same numbers as last year because a) there was no publicity for a new Filthy Tongues album, and b) this wasn’t their only East of Scotland gig on the current run.

But we hadn’t bargained for the Happy Mondays postponing their September date to go head to head with this show. In terms of sheer numbers the Mondays might have won but I’ve no doubt that I was at the better show.


Bobby Awe

The gallery of photo from the show can be found here.


  1. I spoke to The Filthy Tongue’s crew on the night (my buddy Tony Gaughan) and they understood attendance was low due to the other gigs taking place in Dundee that night. They appreciated the crowd that did turn up hence the additional numbers they played at the end of their set.

    Martin and the guys are too professional not to give the punters value for money and they will be back to Dundee when the new album comes out next year.

  2. I hope that nothing I posted was read as a criticism of the Filthy Tongues. TBH I thought that was probably the best Filthy Tongues gig I’ve seen in the last couple of years and as a band, they also get out to their fanbase on a regular basis as to what they’re up to – not everyone does that.

    My frustration rests with the fact that any show I’m involved in seems to end up with exactly the same size of audience and it’s getting depressing. I’ve no doubt that the postponement of the Mondays show negatively impacted on us but there always seems to be something, somewhere.

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