I Sold My Soul (This Is What I Got)

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After months of prevarication I finally ditched the eMusic sub a few weeks ago and switched instead to Spotify.

I think ultimately the deciding factor was my frustration at eMusic – both at its range of music available but also the difficulty in finding the things that are there that I would like.

In doing so I have had to set aside my reservations about how little acts get paid by Spotify although in practice I’m not sure that I’m really putting any less money into artists than before.

Certainly I’m not moving away from physical purchases – instead I’m using Spotify as a way to “audition” potential future purchases (which eMusic did to a certain extent – spec purchases through eMusic that I really liked on 2 or 3 plays usually ended up as physical purchases).

But the big advantage of Spotify is the wider range of artists available. In the last month I’ve listened to albums by a good number of artists (most of whom aren’t on eMusic) and I’ve already bought the Nadine Shah and Jane Weaver albums as a consequence and will be getting the Spinning Coin record in due course too.

And when the forthcoming Kid Canaveral’s Baubles features almost no-one I’ve heard anything by, I’ve been able to give a thumbs up (and pennies) to Girl Ray and, particularly, the Surfing Magazines.

As a salve to my conscience, if I’m listening to music on the PC, I’m tending towards using Spotify rather than iTunes since there’s no continuing benefit to the artists from listening to music ripped from purchased CDs. OK, it’s only pennies but it’s more than nothing. So, as well as the aforementioned, ‘new’ acts, my recent plays include stuff I own from the Triffids, Wire, the Dream Syndicate, Mitchell Museum, De Rosa, Kid Canaveral, Sam Barber & the Outcast and more.

PS The entire Cancel The Astronauts catalogue (almost) is up on Spotify including the following track from which the title of the piece is taken:



  1. stue1967 says:

    I genuinely thought I was the only emusic subscriber in the UK. My finger has been hovering over the “cancel subscription” button for a few weeks.
    The relaunch in the summer ditched a whole load of stuff I was interested in.
    The final straw is emusic not carrying the ECM label anymore and it now becoming available via Spotify and Tidal.
    My annual emusic plan is up at Christmas. I feel sad as it has introduced me to much new music but I really can’t justify it anymore. I’m struggling to spend my allowance.
    There – that feels better. Thanks for the counselling session.

  2. I think it was the re-launch that tipped it for me – it just seemed to become less usable. And then there was that not uncommon phenomenon – a run of 2 or 3 months when there’s little of interest. Got turned on to some great stuff thanks to having eMusic – but it was usually because something else pointed me in the direction in the first place!

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