2017 According To … Ela Orleans

Here’s a late entry in the 2017 stakes – Ela Orleans looks back on last year with the assistance of Andy Wood.

Your Own Music

Your own musical highlight of the year?

Playing the Sonic City Festival curated by Thurston Moore in Kortrijk, Belgium. I met so many friends who like me drift miraculously without selling out to nonsense. It was empowering and made me go back home with the clear mission to fix my broken faith in music world.

Also, making my Christmas record, which met with such warm welcome from my fans it made me feel great about life.  

Favourite performance of the year?

Sharing stage with The Pastels at Glad Café. It was heart-warming and much needed reassurance that friendship is one single engine of my personal happiness.

What’s the best thing that you did musically this year?

Scoring Guy Maddin’s “Cowards Bend The Knee”. I felt that I outdid myself. My dedication and single mindedness put me on the high I can’t shake off.

What’s the one thing that went wrong in 2017 you’d like to fix?

Engaging in competition. I will try to avoid it in the future.

What you gonna be doing next year?

Lots… In March I will work on the Ceòl ‘s Craic’s commission in CCA, that will be followed by the commission from Glasgow International Festival, which will be performed on 29th of April at the Pipe Factory. And from there I will zoom to Deveron Projects in Huntly for three months to work on the curated walk project in White Wood.

Others’ Music

Album of the year?

I will find out in a few years.

Song of the year?

Adam Green’s “Never Lift a Finger”. It’s from 2016, but I only discovered it this year. It’s ben a total earworm.

Best gig attended?

The Pastels in La Cigale in Paris. I was on the research trip which coincided with The Pastels playing the show there. It was amazing to see them glowing on that huge, beautiful stage.

Best discovery in 2017?

The list of artists from the 2017 Dead Albatross Music Prize

Who should we be looking out for in 2018?

Music outside the social media hype and outside the cosy circles of self-adoration. Radio 3’s Late Junction, NTS, LA’s Dublab provide some wonderful opportunities.

Anything and Everything

Hero of 2017 


Villain of 2017 

A few and not worth a mention

High point of 2017

Getting a “filmmaker’ badge at the Alchemy Festival in Hawick, coffees with friends at Glasgow’s Kelvin Pocket.

Lowpoint of 2017

Saying good bye to friends or seeing them suffer.

Favourite book of 2017

Cormac McCarthy “The Road”

Favourite film of 2017

Confessions to the Mirror by Sarah Pucill

It’s What’s Inside That Counts by Rachel Maclean

Most missed?

I didn’t manage to see my close group of friends from Warsaw, I hope to fix it soon.

Donald Trump memory of 2017? (Assuming we avoid nuclear holocaust before 31/12/2017)

Covfefe misspelling will for ever join my vocabulary– the only funny thing about Trump.

Worst piece of advice you gave and/or were given in 2017?

I am quite sure the worst piece of advice is “I don’t know” or blanking the question.

What place will you most associate with 2017?

St Denis, outside Paris where I spent a week during my research trip to the Musee de Gustave Moreau. I stayed in Ursuline 18th century complex in one of the most diverse commune in the northern suburbs of Paris. It was magical, peaceful and very special. I think I had the best pastry in my life there.

Something to look forward to in 2018?

Continuing my PhD at the University of Glasgow’s Music Department. Seeing my supervisor and meeting my PhD reading group for a coffee. Working on my art, hanging with friends and reading, reading, reading. Hopefully there will be some overseas traveling.