We’ll All Get Diabetes – The Van Ts live

For various reasons it’s not been easy dragging myself out the front door for anything other than work so far this year but I did manage to do so to catch the Van Ts for the second time last Sunday.

Their previous Dundee outing was a high impact occasion – the band’s wall of sound hugely impressive even if it meant that the songs perhaps struggled a little to emerge from underneath. Since that show the band have continued to make huge strides with some prestigious support slots including opening for the Mary Chain at the ABC.

Sunday’s show was pretty well attended for a Sunday evening in Dundee but proved to be something of different experience.

The frontman for (loud) support Benedictus suggested that the Van Ts were going to be louder than they had been – but his prediction turned out to be wrong.

If last time the Van Ts were so intense you could physically feel it then this time there was a lot more space. The first couple of songs didn’t sound quite in focus but by the middle of the set, including past single ‘Laguna Baby’, they sounded terrific, retaining plenty of bite but allowing the melodies to reveal themselves.

By the last couple of numbers the intensity had been ratcheted up a notch again but this was undoubtedly more effective by making the direct approach the exception rather than the rule.

It’s not hard to see why there’s a buzz around this band – and the time is probably right for that debut LP.

Local support Benedictus are either named after a Latin word or current Raith and former Dundee no nonsense centre half Kyle Benedictus. The latter probably makes more sense as they seemed the band equivalent of Bene but it wasn’t, for me, the night to be judging them. So I’m not going to!

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