Something Happened – Martin Metcalfe interview

Filthy Tongues frontman Martin Metcalfe returns to Dundee on Friday (March 9th) with his other band the Fornicators in tow for a Cool Cat Club show.

At the same time as the Tongues have been garnering praise for their debut LP ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ Martin has also been delving into the Goodbye Mr Mackenzie and Angelfish back catalogues with a band that includes Terry Adams (guitar), Chris Tracey (bass) and Asim Rasool on percussion.

The band developed into its current 4 piece format incrementally as Martin explains:

“I was working on a solo album with Terry that never happened. And then the two of us started playing and something happened. Then other people came along and added themselves to the situation!

“I met Asim jamming in a stairwell with other people and remember thinking ‘oh, it’s a cahoun’. When I started speaking to him I thought we could do with someone to keep time!

“And then Chris (Tracey – bass) got in touch with us and said he’d like to play. So it just kind of evolved.”

Whilst nominally these are acoustic performances, the Fornicators still pack quite a wallop even if they don’t intend to match the intensity of a Filthy Tongues show.

The format though allows the Fornicators to roam across Martin’s entire career and there’s normally some choice covers thrown into the mix as well.

“We can do anything we want to, we can even do the Isa songs as I sang a couple. With the Fornicators, we do ‘Newtown Killers’ but not many other Isa songs. So it’s mainly Mackenzies with the occasional Angelfish.

The band recorded a live show in Glasgow towards the back end of last year and have released a live album of that performance in two instalments. The first was available before Christmas but the second is now available at this run of gigs.

According to Martin, dissatisfaction with 80s recording technology is one reason for the live records.

“We did so many songs and it’s nice to have live recordings that are real. We did do a live album with the McKenzies but although it was live it was mixed quite 80s with the big snare and reverb. But that’s the way things were for quite a while.”

Friday’s show is at Beat Generator Live with doors at 8. Tickets are available in advance from Groucho’s (although check the date on the tickets – some seem to be suggesting the show is in May – it’s not!) and online here.