I Married A Few of Those – Martin Metcalfe and the Fornicators live

Martin Metcalfe and the Fornicators / A Hooker Without Jesus – The Cool Cat Club, Beat Generator Live, Dundee – Friday 9th March 2018

Two things stand out from last weekend’s Martin Metcalfe and the Fornicators show in Dundee – one good and one bad.

The good? The acts.

Andy Wood did his first A Hooker Without Jesus show in a while and mixed things up with some new pieces and a Lou Reed poem in amongst some old favourites. One of the new ones, a Mark E Smith tribute was one of the highlights of his set.

As was the finale which saw Andy joined by Mike Kane on discordant guitar. Essentially a duet between words and noise, it was quite effective except for the one occasion when the two mistimed the changeover and Andywas drowned out briefly by the guitar!

The Fornicators, too, were great demonstrating that Martin’s music can be adapted to suit different moods. The seated portion of the set was quite chilled, although ‘Crewcut’ and ‘Goodbye Mr MacKenzie’ were the exceptions to that.
The shorter, standing up section, really belied the acoustic tag. There was an energy, and a clarity, to songs such as ‘Open Your Arms’ and ‘New Town Killers’.

The set was also sprinkled with a nice range of covers and new to the set was a recast version of the Psychedelic Furs ‘Pretty In Pink’, which underplayed the song’s distinctive riff.

There’s a vitality about the Fornicators performances which rubbishes any notion that this is an 80s musician messing around with his mates. But the few people who were new to Martin and co (including MPK2 and a chum) were really impressed.

Which makes the turnout so frustrating (the bad thing). Andy puts in a lot of effort to bring quality bands to Dundee, but all too often Dundee doesn’t seem to care.

The only positive about the depleted turnout was the enthusiasm demonstrated by those who did make it. And, bottom line, they were rewarded by the type of performance from the band that they deserved.