MPT Quarterly Review – Q1/2018

I’ve done another of these Spotify playlists – this time to reflect the best of my purchases in the first quarter of the year:

It’s the first quarter that’s properly been affected by a Spotify subscription – a fair number of the albums have been auditioned first via streaming and that’s led to fewer purchases on spec.

It’s also meant that, having listened to the Martha Ffion on a whim I ended up purchasing an album that I wouldn’t have otherwise have bought (although in the old days it might have been an e-music purchase).

For flow, I’ve included a couple of single versions of songs rather than the album version.

The full track listing:

Nap Eyes – Every Time The Feeling (from I’m Bad Now)

Dream Wife – Hey Heartbreaker (from Dream Wife)

Martha Ffion – Punch Drunk (from Sunday Best)

The Lovely Eggs – Wiggy Giggy (single edit) (from This Is Eggland)

Hookworms – Negative Space (from Microshift)

No Age – Soft Collar Fad (from Snares Like a Haircut)

Desperate Journalist – It Gets Better (from You Get Used To It E.P.)

Whyte Horses – Empty Words (from Empty Words)

The Spook School – Less Than perfect (from Could It Be Different?)

The Breeders – MetaGoth (from All Nerve)

Broken Records – They Won’t Ever Leave Us Alone (from What We Might Know)

The Orielles – Let Your Dog Tooth Grow (from Silver Dollar Moment)

Gwenno – Tir Ha Mor (from Le Kov)

SHHE – Eyes Shut (single)

Birdhead – Sunsleeper (single)

For what it’s worth at this early stage, I think No Age are the current leaders in the album of the year race.