Song of the Week #15 (2018) – Spare Snare

This week’s Song of the Week is a teaser for the forthcoming Spare Snare LP ‘Sounds’.

‘Sounds’ was recorded by the legendary Steve Albini earlier in the year at Chem19 and, as far as I can tell, is a sort of Snare ‘Best of’ with all the tunes re-recorded.

So, for example, the band have already shared a version of ‘Action Hero’ whilst the video below is for ‘Grow’ – a song that originally appeared on the ‘Garden Leave’ LP.

‘Sounds’ is due for release in July but you can pre-order the album here. There’s two options – a mail order only red vinyl edition of the album (with download and 2 stickers) or a limited number of exclusive bundles with the vinyl, download and stickers and:

  • Exclusive black t-shirt with Spare Snare logo and album type
  • 12” Slipmat with Spare Snare logo
  • Signed insert – fully signed by the band.
  • Dinky photograph featuring the band, Steve Albini and guests on the album, presented in a lovely manilla washer and string envelope.
  • Spare Snare logo plectrum.

Here’s the video for a lush version of ‘Grow’ (influenced perhaps by their tour with Randolph’s Leap?):