Song of the Week #18 (2018) – Echo Machine

Once upon a time I saw a band called Descartes support Idlewild in Dundee. The sound was dreadful but there was definitely something worth hearing going on underneath.

When they grew up, Descartes morphed into the Mirror Trap, who released three albums and a couple of E.P.s. They also landed several prestigious support slots with Placebo including a Russian tour (and Russia’s a big place).

However, despite the patronage of Brian Moloko and co, the band were unable to get a deal in the UK such that their third LP ‘Simulations’ was self released.

With the departure of guitarist Paul and drummer Paul, the band recently called it quits. But a new band Echo Machine has emerged from the ashes of the Mirror Trap.

Featuring the remaining trio Gary, Mikey and Ben, they’ve just released their debut single ‘St. Elmo’. Substituting brash synths for the, eh, brash guitars of the Mirror Trap it’s loud and glam and a promising start.

It sounds a lot like this: