Song of the Week #22 (2018) – Catlow

I’d pretty much given up on ever hearing from Catlow again so was delighted to discover that not only are there two new songs available but that there’s a new (mini-)LP imminent.

My regular reader will recall that I came across Catlow supporting the Blue Aeroplanes what seems like a very long time ago – in 2005 at King Tut’s in Glasgow to be precise. The then current LP ‘Kiss The World’ felt like the sort of record that Belly might have made had they not split up 10 years earlier.

There was no further recorded Catlow output for nearly seven years when the long awaited follow-up ‘Pinkly Things’ finally appeared. The 8 track mini-LP seemed much more pop orientated but was a worthy successor to the debut. I actually interviewed Natasha by email at the time and if I recall correctly MPK1 was obsessed with ‘Shinsy’ from the record for MONTHS.

Another gap followed but a further Catlow single appeared in 2015, featuring two new songs – ‘Lose Control’ and ‘Stormsad’.

And until last month – nothing. Then a single ‘Scrapes’ appeared followed rapidly by another ‘Settle Up’ which you can watch below:

It’s a cracking, concise pop song that recalls debut LP ‘Kiss The World’ but with a little more steel. A new mini-album, featuring 6 songs, follows within the week – on ONE sided vinyl! Well, it saves turning the record over, I suppose.

The record, ‘Main of Nowhere’, on both vinyl and download, can be (pre-)ordered here.



  1. That IS cracking

    1. I can never work out what you’ll like on here!

      1. And here I thought I was so predictable! Definitely the poppier end of your tastes, Mr MPT…

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