Song of the Week #25 (2018) – Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3

After catching up with the Dream Syndicate last year, I’ve tentatively been exploring the Steve Wynn back catalogue.

An old Uncut CD contained ‘Amphetamine’ which led me to ‘ Static Transmission’ (2003) which I think is the first studio album Steve recorded with the Miracle 3. Song-wise it’s a varied collection which is as strong as any of the first four Dream Syndicate albums but benefits substantially from not being saddled with an 80s production.

Follow-up ‘Tick … Tick … Tick..’ is from 2005 and an altogether rockier proposition. It’s actually a record that stakes out a territory not that far removed from the Blue Aeroplanes. In fact the one song that’s been stuck in my head over the last few weeks sounds almost like a ‘Planes’ cover from the ‘Beatsongs’ era:

Anyhow both these are very fine albums although since neither are commercially available I’ve had to source copies through Discogs.

However I’ve also taken the plunge and ordered the just re-issued Wynn albums ‘Kerosene Man’ and ‘Dazzling Display’ which should hopefully be waiting for me when we get back from holiday.