Songs of the Week #26 (2018) – Whitehorse

Bit hacked off that Song of the Week seems to have had a longer holiday than we managed! But now, fully refreshed it’s back for the rest of the year and it resumes with a couple of songs to fuel my Whitehorse mini-obsession.

Last week I talked about coming across the Canadian duo at a free show in Toronto when on holiday and how, coming home, I checked out some of their songs and fell hard for them.

I’ve since ordered their two most recent albums and been listening to another on Spotify, the brilliantly titled ‘The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss’, originally released in 2012.

At the moment I think that ‘Devil’s Got A Gun’ from ‘Fate …’ is my favourite Whitehorse song -so here’s a live version of ‘Devil’s Got A Gun’, complete with five piece band:

And here’s the video for one of the singles from their most recent album:

Whitehorse are on Six Shooter Records.

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