Song of the Week #29 (2018) – Neko Case

Neko Case Publicity 2018 CR: Emily Shur

Since coming back from holiday, I’ve been in something of an Americana mode with listening dominated by half a dozen recent purchases.

I’ve talked about the wonderful Whitehorse already and their three full length albums have taken up more than 50% of that time. I’m also finding a way into the first two Steve Wynn solo albums favouring ‘Dazzling Display’ as being a bit stronger than the debut ‘Kerosene Man’.

But it’s one of my Canadian purchases to which I’m turning this evening.

There was an extensive interview with Neko Case in Uncut a couple of months ago. She’s someone I’d only really heard before as part of the New Pornographers but the interview piqued my curiosity in the Canadian’s latest LP ‘Hell-On’ fuelled by the track from the album on the CD – ‘The Curse of the I-5 Corridor’. A couple of streaming auditions later and it got added to the potential purchases in Canada and subsequently bought.

It’s an album that gets better with every subsequent play. There’s not many of the obvious hooks for me on the record, the first couple of songs seem to come from similar territory to Emma Pollock whilst perhaps the hookiest song on the record is ‘Bad Luck’ – an out and out country stormer. The epic ‘The Curse of the I-5 Corridor’ is a duet with Mark Lanegan whilst ‘Sleep All Summer’ is another duet this time with the song’s co-writer Eric Bachmann

To be honest I would have featured the record earlier if I could make my mind up which song to feature. I’ve finally settled on ‘Halls of Sarah’ today but it could just as easily be something else tomorrow:

The only actual video for the album is for the aforementioned seven minutes long ‘Curse of the I-5 Corridor’ – and it’s only for a fraction of the song! But it’s so funny, I couldn’t resist adding it as a bonus below, but be warned it contains ‘adult’ animated content …