Song of the Week #30 (2018) – The Paranoid Style

To be honest, I don’t need any excuse to feature the Paranoid Style on here. But, hot on the heels of their split single with Wussy on Bar/None (featured here very recently), the release of an 8-track reissue of the original, eh, five track E.P. ‘Rock’n’roll Just Can’t Recall’ gives me plenty of reason to do so.

Yep, not only do you get the five classic tracks from MPT’s E.P. of the Year in 2015 but also THREE new Style songs.

If I have a favourite Paranoid Style song then it may just be the Blondie meets Husker Du blitz of ‘National Sunday Law’, the lead track from the E.P.:

I remember the days when I had to eke out just 4 songs from the tour E.P. ‘Paid To See A Trainwreck’. Yet the last month has added 4 new tunes to the catalogue so that I now seem to have 34 different TPS songs to call upon! I’ve put together my whole Paranoid Style collection for this touching format spanning family portrait …

The reissue of ‘Rock’n’roll Can’t Recall (+3)’ is available as a digital download from the usual places.


  1. Oh yes – where have they been all of my life – it sounds lovely, thanks for recommending. Can I in turn recommend something, you may have heard it, “Lolita Nation” by Game Theory, from California I think…cheers


  2. Will give it a blast, BM!

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