Song of the Week #31 (2018) – The Posies

This week’s Song of the Week falls into the old song/earworm category.

Having decided that I probably don’t listen to enough old stuff, I ended up listening to the Posies’ ‘Frosting on the Beater’ album on Saturday morning.

Whilst my Posies CD purchases all date back to the 90’s, they remain a going concern and I enjoyed last year’s ‘Solid States’ album.

‘Frosting ..’ though probably remains my favourite Posies album even if follow-up ‘Amazing Grace’ runs it close.

The band have actually started a re-issue series this year with ‘Dear 23’ which was released in June with ‘Frosting’ due next month. ‘Amazing Disgrace’ follows in November.

To mark the re-issues, the band are in the middle of touring with the ‘Frosting On The Beater’ line-up. The North American leg of the tour is now complete and they head to Europe at the end of next week for a handful of festival dates. The European tour begins in earnest at the end of September and they reach Glasgow on Sunday 21st October.

Listening to ‘Frosted’ again does tempt me to go and see them at King Tut’s but in the meantime whilst I make my mind up here’s that aforementioned earworm:




  1. The Swede says:

    Those three Geffen albums are just so great. I had no idea that they were going through the reissue process, so thanks for the heads up. More expense!

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