Global Warming Has Rendered My Chat Null and Void – Kid Canaveral/Randolph’s Leap live

Kid Canaveral / Randolph’s Leap – The Rum Shack, Glasgow – Friday 27th July 2018

The second Lost Map birthday celebration show brought together the familiar pairing of Kid Canaveral and Randolph’s Leap. Not quite sure how often I’ve seen them on the same bill over the years, it’s certainly more than a few times, but the chance to see two of my favourite live bands of the last 10 years together before the Canaverals went on indefinite hiatus was not to be missed.

The Rum Shack was a new venue to us but a pleasant surprise with a decent sized room albeit with a peculiar dog leg to the side of the small stage, which to be fair was struggling to contain the seven piece Leap line-up. Sounded good though.

The Leap were as splendid as ever with Adam’s between song banter stretched to include an impressively dour Andy Murray impression as an introduction to ‘I Can’t dance …’.

It’s only looking back at the show now that I realise that the setlist has evolved slowly but surely over the last few months. There’s been no dramatic mass introduction of new tunes but this show featured not just three from the new ‘Worryingly Okay’ LP but the future pop classic in waiting the as-yet-unrecorded ‘Big Momma’s House’ too.

The vibe hasn’t changed though, and the Leap remain one of the bands absolutely guaranteed to leave me with a smile on my face.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the Canaverals were looking back with a set largely composed of their greatest hits (only a handful of the early singles were omitted). Opener ‘Couldn’t Dance’ was an energised start to a familiar set with Bart Owl again depping for Rose on bass.

A pulsating ‘We Take Dumbarton’ was another early highlight but it’s one of only a handful of tunes from the under appreciated ‘Faulty Inner Dialogue’. Whilst it would have been nice to have heard more (‘Lives Never Lived’ seems to have had a particularly short live shelf life) it’s impossible to deny the impact of old favourites such as ‘Skeletons’ or ‘And Another Thing!!’.

La la, la la la, la la la lalalala

Various Leapers were summoned to the stage for a rousing ‘You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night’ whilst a thunderous version of  ‘A Compromise’ brought the set to a fitting climax.

We’ll definitely miss them whilst they’re gone although in the meantime we’ll at least have David’s solo act Broken Chanter to look forward to.

More photos from the show here.

Kid Canaveral played:

  1. Couldn’t Dance
  2. Callous Parting Gift
  3. First We Take Dumbarton
  4. Who Would Want To Be Loved?
  5. The Wrench
  6. Pale White Flower
  7. You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night
  8. And Another Thing!!
  9. Her Hair Hangs Down
  10. Skeletons
  11. Good Morning
  12. Low Winter Sun
  13. A Compromise

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