Song of the Week #40 (2018) – Gallus

The internet has a lot wrong with it – but sometimes things turn out well. Without one of those strange internet twists of fate (directly related to the title of the blog!) this week’s song wouldn’t have featured here. Chance are it would have completely passed me by.

So here is a live version of Gallus‘s latest single ‘Split’ filmed at their recent London debut:

Gallus are a young five piece band from Glasgow and ‘Split’ is the lead track taken from a forthcoming EP. To these ears at least, the crunching guitars capture a little of the spirit of ’77.

It’s the follow up to their debut single ‘Nice’ which came out earlier in the year and that one goes like this: 

Gallus have a trio of shws before the end of the year:

7th December – Mash House, Edinburgh (opening for Crystal Plus)
20th December – King Tut’s, Glasgow (opening for the Dunts – sold out)
21st December – Conroy’s Basement, Dundee (with Vanities and Fiendz) [Tickets]

Gallus photo by Michael Ewins


  1. will check them oot, thanks mpt!

    1. Will tell you the tale next time I see you or Angus!

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