MPT Quarterly Report (Q4/2018)

Slightly ahead of schedule here’s the final quarter’s report for 2018.

It’s been a strange quarter for humanity, scientific achievement in the landing of the Insight Mars Lander and some out and out stupidity in other walks of life. Back to the music.

As ever with the end of the year, it’s a mix of more recent stuff and things that slipped through the cracks earlier in the year.

Without further ado, here’s the full track-listing:

  1. Brix & The Extricated – Alaska
  2. Kristin Hersh – LAX
  3. Big Joanie – We Used To Be Friends
  4. BODEGA – How Did This Happen?!
  5. Malcolm Middleton – Man Up, Man Down
  6. Chorusgirl – Stuck
  7. Strike The Colours – Aces
  8. Fred Thomas – House Show, Late December
  9. Gallus – Split
  10. The Eastern Swell – Miles From Home
  11. Vital Idles – Blue, Black & White
  12. Desperate Journalist – Cedars
  13. Cloud Nothings – So Right So Clean
  14. The Beths – Less Than Thou
  15. ILL – Slithering Lizards
  16. Fucked Up – Joy Stops Time

Photo Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech