2018 According To … The Lovely Eggs

To kick off another shortened series of reviews of the year,  Andy spoke to Holly from the Lovely Eggs. Thanks to both.

Your Own Music

Your own musical highlight of the  year?
Bringing out This is Eggland in February.
Favourite performance of the year?
Toss up between Green Man Festival and our sell out show at The 100 Club.
What’s the best thing that you did musically this year?
Managed to pull off playing the whole of ‘This is Eggland’ live in order without fucking it up that much.
What’s the one thing that went wrong in  2017 (sic) you’d like to fix?
Can’t really remember 2017 but David got pneumonia in 2018 so we’d rather that didn’t happen again.
What have you got planned for next year?
Writing new songs and bumming about in Lancaster

Others’  Music

Album of the year?
Smote Reverser – Oh Sees
Song of the year?
Almost had to Start a fight/In and out of  Patience- Parquet Courts

Best gig  attended?
Gruff Rhys in Edinburgh
Best discovery in 2018?
Xyloris White
Who should we be looking out for in 2019?
Rob Auton


Anything and  Everything

Hero of 2018 (M and F)
Tyson Fury and our mums
Villains of 2018 (M and F)
Piers Morgan and Theresa May (obvious choices but they’re obvious twats)
High point of 2018
Playing loads of sold out shows
Low point of 2018
Early mornings on tour
Favourite book of 2018
A Hero for High Times: A Younger Reader’s Guide to the Beats, Hippies,  Freaks, Punks, Ravers, New-Age Travellers and Dog-on-a-Rope Brew Crew Crusties of the British Isles, 1956–1994 by Ian Marchant
Favourite film of 2018
Haven’t watched anything released this year. That’s a lie – we saw that Jurassic World one. It was shit.
Most missed?
Mark E Smith
What place will you most associate with 2018?
Our van. We spent a lot of time in it!
You’ve got a time machine to get you away from the clusterfuck that is 2018 – when and where do you go?
Our old flat in the mid 90s.
Something to look forward to in 2019?
Bumming about Lancaster for a bit. Not done it fer ages.