Post Gig Reflections

Spare Snare / De Rosa/ Broken Chanter – Beat Generator Live, Dundee – Saturday 5th January 2019

Last weekend’s Spare Snare, De Rosa and Broken Chanter show should have been that rarest of occasions – a stress free show.

Unfortunately, family circumstances made the show much more of a trial than it would otherwise have been. Had the show been offered to me a few weeks later, I wouldn’t have felt able to get involved.

Yet it all worked out.

The bands are all great people, they flogged the show relentlessly and, not entirely unconnected, it was one of the rare shows that I’ve been involved in that we didn’t make a loss on.

The performances were all great, starting with a really hushed Broken Chanter set which was almost a vocal set, so quiet was the guitar.

De Rosa, in contrast, were loud, not least on the penultimate ‘Headfirst’, a real blast. The only disappointment was that the instrumental aired twice last year didn’t feature. I’d recommend that they open with it for the foreseeable future not just to electrify the start of the set but also to knock any preconceptions out the park. [De Rosa setlist]

The Snare played a long enjoyable set. Back in August I was starting to wonder if the sets were going to turn into greatest hits shows, but whilst Saturday had a lot of the hits, it also reintroduced a couple of extra tracks from last year’s ‘Unicorn’. They’re definitely not resting on former glories. [Spare Snare setlist]

As ever lots of thanks. To Andy for being the voice of reason on a couple of occasions when my negative mindset was leading me down the wrong path (and also for juggling a different set of hats on the night), to Yvonne for the catering, to Stuart for editing most of the pre-gig videos and to Nicola for doing the door.

And for the music, to all the bands. I doubt there will be a better bill in Dundee in the rest of 2019. Thanks too to Rod for doing the sound on the night.

But finally thanks to everyone who turned out on one of the worst Saturdays of the year. I think you all had a good time.

Yet I don’t need a particularly negative lens to appreciate that Saturday was the exception – the sort of shows I’d like to put on do not come stress free, even if it’s only about (not) breaking even. Promoting bands then is off the agenda for the foreseeable future.