Belated Baubles – Kid Canaveral, Big Joanie, Spook School and more live

The Spook School / Seamus Fogarty / Big Joanie / Broken Chanter / Jill Lorean / Kid Canaveral – Kid Canaveral’s Xmas Baubles IX – Summerhall, Edinburgh – Saturday 15th December 2018

Last year’s Baubles (oh, how time flies!) was a bit of a struggle for us as we were in Leeds to see Mercury Rev the previous evening. Nevertheless we managed  to get back to Edinburgh just in time to get something to eat before the show was about to start.

We’ve been occasional latecomers to the Baubles in the past but with the hosts themselves opening the show, turning up late wasn’t an option this time.

The Canaverals’ set was billed as a rarities set and in practice that turned out mean a focus on earlier material including ‘lost’ single – ‘I Don’t Have The Heart For This’ and ‘Second Time Around’, another single that’s been absent from the set for many years. There were a couple of ‘NTYAAD’ songs too but only the epic ‘Lives Never Lived’ from ‘Faulty Inner Dialogue’. The latter has had a relatively short shelf life and definitely merits some more outings.

A great set then which brought back memories of some of the earliest Kid C gigs we saw.

The show was also witnessed by 3 Kid Canaveral Kids, one of whom battered into me at one point. Is it possible that Baubles XXV will be opened by KCK?

Next up the audience shifted through to the Main Hall for the slightly surreal experience of watching a Pictish Trail Lost map podcast being recorded with Malcolm Middleton.

Back in the Dissection Room for Jill Lorean. Playing live in front of an audience is obviously Jill’s natural environment and the difference in her demeanour between this show and the house gig was significant. Performing mainly with the violin for backing the songs sounded great. She played the Moon song again but (rightly) decided that it would be ill advised to play the drinking game that can go with it this early at the Baubles!

We took our leave at this point to check-in at the hotel and, to be honest, take the weight off the feet for a few minutes after a hectic few days. So we missed both Callum Easter and Happy Spendy, although we heard good reports, particularly of the latter.

We were back in place for the full band debut of David’s Broken Chanter after tea. David and Jill were backed by Gav Prentice and Audrey Tait and whilst they ended up running through the usual six songs the full band gave the songs a lot more muscle. The highlight (as usual) was probably ‘Beside Ourselves’ but the songs certainly took on a new life with a band. A brilliant set.

The next outing is a show for Celtic Connections at the Glad Café in Glasgow on 26th January.

Next up were London’s Big Joanie who describe themselves as black feminist punks. The punk label had me a little worried. however and advance listen to the album suggested that it was punk in terms of doing your own thing rather than adherence to a strict 4/4 tempo with hard rock guitars. And certainly their performance was far more adventurous than that musical dead dog

They’re an impressive and personable live outfit and conjured up quite a noise for a three piece. By the second half fo the set they were flying culminating with brilliant single ‘Fall Asleep’ and a Christmas song I probably should have know.  By the end the crowd were fully on their side and they also achieve just one degree of separation between the Baubles and Thurston Moore as he’s been involved in putting out the record.

Big Joanie are back in Scotland in Glasgow next month (22nd) for a show at the Hug & Pint that shouldn’t be missed.

We’d only come across Seamus Fogarty the once before, when he played  a charming solo set opening for Malcolm Middleton in Kirkcaldy a few years ago. On this occasion  he performed as part of a three piece. with that Irish charm in very much in evidence. The songs were a mix of folk and electronics over the course of an entertaining set. There was even an unexpected dance routine during ‘Carlow Town’!

The Spook School closed the show in some style. Their set emphasisesd the fact that it’s been a depressingly (and inexcusably) long time since I last saw them. In fact the last time was missing half their opening set in Portobello at the Baubles a few years ago.

In the meantime, if anything, they appear to have gained energy with a set that took in all three albums and came close to blowing the roof off the Dissection Room. which would probably only have encouraged adam to have jumped even higher.

There was also a festive twist to their set “bravely” changing the lyrics to some of the songs to reflect the festive season. So ‘Fuck you, I’m still alive’ became ‘Fuck you, I’ve got mince pies’. You get the idea.

It’s enough to keep the flagging body going to the end of the set but we take our leave before the karaoke gets going.

Roll on number 10 …


Kid Canaveral

1 Quiet Things Are Quiet Now* 2 What We Don’t Talk About** 3 Breaking Up Is The New Getting Married 4 Second Time around 5 Lives Never lived 6 Left and Right 7 Couldn’t Dance 8 Smash Hits 9 And Another Thing!!

Four piece  band performance except –
* Kate and Rose,
** David, Kate and Rose)

Broken Chanter (full band performance)

1 Wholesale 2 Should We Be Dancing 3 Occupy My Hours 4 Don’t Move to Denmark 5 Beside Ourselves 6 Free Psalm

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