Last Gig of the Year – The Filthy Tongues live

The Filthy Tongues / Countess of Fife / The Trama Dolls – Liquid Room, Edinburgh – Saturday 29th December 2018

I confess that I wasn’t in the greatest frame of mind for my last show of the year so here’s a brief report on the Filthy Tongues show at the Liquid Room.

I confess that I didn’t really get glam punk of the Trama Dolls at all – maybe on a different night. I did enjoy the Countess of Fife’s cowpunk more but unsurprisingly the Filthy Tongues were my favourite act of the night.

Their third end of the year show at the Liquid Room in a row had been moved from its early December slot to after Christmas this and that seemed to boost turnout as this was the busiest of the trio.

It was a night in which there were fewer of the old songs played than there has been probably since the Isa days. Which meant that we got almost all of ‘Back To Hell’ and a good chunk of ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. In fact only a couple of the songs played haven’t been recorded as the Filthy Tongues.

For the encore the band were joined by Fay Fife for the Mackenzies’ ‘Friday’s Child and a slightly unusual version of ‘Nae Tongues’ which featured Fay on Theremin and .. vocals. Yep, there were some vocals at the tailend of the song. A cracking finale which went something like this:

One constant at the Liquid Room show is that they all seem to be over too soon and this one was no exception.

In lieu of more words here’s some photos from the show: