Song of the Week #1 (2019) – Bodega

This feature never quite got up and running at the start of the year but I’m going to fast forward through it to the stage where I can genuinely post one song each week.

So the first Song of the Week (of the week) comes from NYC’s Bodega.

I usually end up buying quite a few records at the end of each year but I don’t think I’ve ever bought quite as many good ones. As a consequence I’m still listening to a lot of these regularly and right up there with the best of them is Bodega’s debut, ‘Endless Scroll’ (which I ranked at 15 in my end of year list at the start of January but which would definitely finish higher if I did the list now).

It’s a record that grows on me more and more with every play and it’s interesting that different people hear different things. For me, there’s parts of Pavement, Jeffrey Lewis, The Fall and rap involved but I’ve also heard LCD Soundsystem mentioned.

Whatever, one of the singles of last year was ‘Jack In Titanic’. And ahead of going to see the band play in Glasgow at the Art School on Friday (15th), here’s the video (with apologies for the ad):


  1. stue1967 says:

    Off to see them with my good friend Raymond Gorman next week hopefully (if you want a very Manic Pop Thrill connection).

  2. Like that! Hopefully you’ll be a little less squashed than we were last night. Enjoying some aspects of the show more today than in person! Bit looser live than the record if you haven’t seen them before.

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