Song of the Week #7 (2019) – The Dream Syndicate

The Dream Syndicate‘s first new album in 30 years, ‘How Did I Find Myself Here?’ wasn’t just one of my favourite albums of 2017 but probably of the twenty first century to date. And I mean right up there as one of the very best.

So since finding out that a follow-up was recorded last year I’ve been waiting desperately for news of its release.

Uncut’s 2019 preview suggested May as a likely release date and this was confirmed this week, along with its title ‘These Times’.

As a taster for the 3rd May release, the band have unleashed a video for first single and I’m pleased to present ‘Black Light’.

With its unexpected electro backing, it has  something in common with the drones of ‘Glide’ from the last record. It also expands the band’s range with Steve Wynn quoted as saying that he was aiming to make the new record sound like a compilation.

I look forward to seeing how that pans out in practice but the trancey  ‘Black Light’ is a blinding way to start. And if the band make it to the UK to support the album, then I’ve got fingers (and toes) crossed that they might just do a Scottish date.


  1. The Swede says:

    Excellent. This’ll do for me. I had no idea that another LP was already in the bag – thanks for the heads up.

  2. Surprised me too – but I think they actually started it after the first touring for the last record – before they played London and Leeds.

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