It’s Just A Shame That There Isn’t A lift – The Wedding Present live

The Wedding Present – Beat Generator Live, Dundee – Thursday 4th April 2019

For a band that started out at the Greenside in Leslie, the Wedding Present haven’t half done badly for themselves, moving from sold-out shows in Fife to a sold-out show in the Big Smoke!

The promise of an early show means that Beat Gen was already busy by the time we rocked up, just in time to hear the last couple of minutes of Midnight Alleys. Probably for the best. But great hair.

It’s only the third time I’ve seen the Weddoes but they’re already onto their third different line-up. That may make a difference to seasoned watchers but to these ears they’ve all sounded great.

This show was one of the best sounding shows I’ve heard at Beat Gen and that’s no mean feat. Although billed as a ‘Bizarro’ show refreshingly, Gedge and co DIDN’T play the album from start to finish in order, although the double whammy on record of ‘Granadaland’ and ‘Take Me!’ would have made for a satisfying finish to the shows.

Instead the songs were spread throughout the set, not in the album order, but interspersed with a choice selection of the back catalogue.

I’m not sure quite what the criteria for the set was but there were a fair few songs I didn’t recognise in amongst some of the hits. Well, actually, not so many if you exclude the ‘Bizarro’ material.

Yet the show wasn’t in any way a let-down. The aforementioned double whammy (with ‘Bewitched’ sandwiched in between) was massive whilst the likes of ‘No’ and ‘Careless’ were both terrific. Suspect though that the biggest reaction was reserved for a mid-set rendition of ‘Kennedy’.

Ultimately, I’m not likely to become a Wedding Present die-hard after all this time, but I’ll keep an eye open for the new records and will definitely make the effort to see them again – although I suspect that waiting another 14 years for their next gig in Dundee might be beyond me!

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  1. Can’t seem to access the comments section tonight but great review and chat! Saw them at The Onion Cellar in Edinburgh in I think 1986 and then at the Assembly


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