MPT Quarterly Report 2019 (#2)

Here’s some new music for you from recent releases in the second quarter of 2019:

Full tracklisting

Broken Chanter – Wholesale (single)
Echo Machine – Chameleon (single)
Pip Blom – Don’t Make It Difficult (from ‘Boat’)
Kristin Hersh – Mississippi Kite (from ‘Crooked’ remixed)
Chris Forsyth – Mystic Mountain (from ‘All Time Present’)
The Dream Syndicate – Put Some  Miles On (from ‘These Times’)
Edwyn Collins – It All Makes Sense to Me  (from ‘Badbea’)
St Christopher Medal – Fallen Angel (from ‘Hoof!’)
dEUS – Instant Street (from ‘The Ideal Crash’ 20th Anniversary edition)
Idlewild – Same Things Twice (from ‘Interview Music’)
Drahla – Pyramid Estate (from ‘Useless Co-ordinates’)
Protomartyr – Jumbo’s (from ‘No Passion All Technique’ reissue)
Sacred Paws – The Conversation (from ‘Run Around The Sun’)
Malcolm Middleton – Scaffolding (single)