Song of the Week #21 (2019) – Human Don’t Be Angry

I’ve been listening to a lot of instrumental music recently, especially Chris Forsyth, but also the likes of Mogwai and Wozniak.

And pertinently for today, also Human Don’t Be Angry, Malcolm Middleton’s guitar led alter ego.

Malcolm has just released a free EP ‘(A Prelude)‘ which is a trailer for the new HDBA album ‘Guitar Variations’ out on his own Around7Corners label on 1st November.

Nothing on ‘(A Prelude)’ is actually taken from the actual album but it gives you a taster of the type of thing to expect .

As does this video for the lead track on the album ‘You’ll Find The Right Note (Eventually)’:

As ‘Right Note’ suggests, the mood of the album is very much set to relaxed, principally built around Malcolm’s playing. It’s fair to say that it’s not entirely representative of the album which possesses a lot more momentum elsewhere such as on ‘Bum A Ride’  which is a throwback to the pop  side of the debut HDBA album. Meanwhile ‘Come On Over To My Place’ is the only time that Malcolm’s voice appears on the record and the closest to his conventional songwriting.  But again neither of these songs tells the whole story of the record.

If you’re looking for that then the best I can do is that it is a really lovely piece of music which has melodic and instrumental echoes of Malcolm’s previous solo and HDBA work. It’s definitely worth checking out.