September Gigs Catch-Up with the Filthy Tongues, Edwyn Collins, Adam Stafford, The Beths and Jane Weaver

The Filthy Tongues

September picked up where August left off – at Indian Summer. BaAD was a new venue for me, tucked behind the legendary Ballroom but of a different character entirely.

Whilst never planning to catch the whole bill on the day, since our trip was primarily to see the Beths, we nevertheless timed it so badly that we only saw 2 full performances.

Sports Team (like much of the bill) were an entirely new name to me. Musically they seemed to want to be the Rolling Stones, an impression only reinforced by a hyperactive, preening singer. Curiously his presence was offset by a totally deadpan keyboard player, who occasionally shuffled around the stage with a tambourine in an equally deadpan manner.

Perhaps the most memorable incident in the show though was when the singer, having noted the preponderance of green and white shirts in the vicinity of the venue. said something about the right team having won the Old Firm derby that day. To a stony silence! I suspect that will be the last time he mentions football from a Glasgow stage.

Sports Team

The Beths know better than to involve themselves in such local frippery and were as charming as they were Edinburgh. The most notable change was that there were more new tunes in the set, although the entire album still got an outing.

My overwhelming impression, again, is just how strong the songs are. Whilst the running order followed a similar pattern to the May gig, the reality is that they could play these songs in any order and come up with a similar result.

Two Beths

The new stuff all sounded promising too so the band headed back to the southern hemisphere after this show in a good place to step up their bid for world domination in the next couple of years. And if a band like the Beths could achieve world domination then maybe it will be a better world.

Two days later, the same team of myself, Mrs MPT and MPK2 were out again to see Edywn Collins’s return to Dundee.

With a strong new album to promote and the assorted hits it was a joyous experience from the opening ‘Outside’ to the final ‘Falling and Laughing’. The chance to hear classics such as ‘Simply Thrilled Honey’ and ‘Blue Boy’ as well as mega-hit ‘A Girl Like You’ in 2019 is nothing short of miraculous. A wonderful evening.

King Edwyn and band

The Broken Chanter show in Dundee will be covered separately so next up were the Filthy Tongues in Edinburgh on the 13th.

With the postponement of the Dundee show it was a fairly late decision to go to the Liquid Rooms, (where the band were supported by Katherine Aly) but, boy, was it a good call.

This was absolutely one of the best shows I’ve ever seen them play, certainly their best since the Dundee show a couple of years ago. Things just clicked from the opening ‘Nae Tongues’. Occasionally as a set opener it has felt  little undercooked although not on this occasion.

Martin, The Filthy Tongues

It set the tone for the set which ranged through both albums and beyond with new (old) single ‘Mummy Can’t Drive’ amongst the highlights. Martin tried to pull the ‘not bothering to leave the stage before the encore’ trick before playing a stunning ‘Goodwill City’. But another Edinburgh crowd wouldn’t let the band get away with that so that when they did leave, they had to return for ‘Amsterdam’ to keep everyone happy!

It was a terrific show and, on this kind of form, the Filthy Tongues are difficult to surpass.

Saturday 14th saw two shows – a four song in-store set by Adam Stafford at Assai, in Dundee before our third experience of James Yorkston’s Tae Sup Wi A Fifer in Kirkcaldy in the evening,

Frustratingly, Adam’s show was the only performance in a week of three shows that I was able to catch. Concentrating on the pop rather than abstract side of his songwriting and ably assisted by Robbie Lesiuk on bass and backing vocals, Adam’s set was a potent demonstration of his talent.

He is apparently demoing songs for a new album and in case you missed them as two different sets of tunes from this year available at his Bandcamp.

Adam and Robbie

Tae Sup was as eclectic as ever. Mr Yorkston had a bigger role than at the 2 previous events we’d seen, opening the show with 2 Daniel Johnson songs then performing a new song before backing Ian Rankin reading a selection of Jackie Leven’s lyrics.

Callum Easter

Before that we finally caught the hardest gigging solo artist in Scotland, Callum Easter. I’m not 100% certain what I made of it to be honest but there’s definitely something there and I was intrigued enough to want to check the album out. (Which is likely going to lead me to purchasing the album)

Headliner was Jane Weaver who performed with the addition of two musicians (guitar and keyboards). Most of the songs she played were drawn from ‘Modern Kosmology’ and things seemed to be building nicely to a big finale. Yet the last 10 minutes drifted into largely pointless electronics without a punchline. Maybe the 45 minutes running time was a factor but I was left feeling that show could really have been great.

Jane Weaver and band

Some more snaps from the shows:

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