Recovery Mode #1 – Missed Gigs

At least I did get to see She Makes War in London

A combination of work and illness has been the reasons behind the longest silence in the blog’s history.

As an outward looking thing, I’m not sure it’s worth saving but personally I’d like to reinstate it if only as a diary of my musical adventures. So over the next couple of days I’m going to review what else I’ve written since September and one way or another get it up to date at least as that diary. That will lead into the traditional year starter of my end of year lists.

For tonight though, here’s a list of the shows I missed in the last couple of months and why:

13 November – The Woodentops (Broadcast, Glasgow) – work
17 November – Brix & The Extricated (Broadcast, Glasgow) – work
23 November – The Great Western (Various venues, Glasgow) – work (we would have gone if we’d been on leave the following week)
24 November – She Makes War (The Stand, Edinburgh) – lurgy
1 December – TOY (Beat Generator Live, Dundee) – lurgy
7 December – We Were Promised Jetpacks (SWG3, Glasgow) – lurgy
12 December – Randolph’s Leap (The Glad Café, Glasgow) – work