MPT’s 45 80’s 45s – Playlist (Expanded version)

A thread on Twitter asked users to select 3 singles from the 80s. My selection was:

TV21 – On The Run
Pixies – Gigantic
Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon

Although there could have been any number of permutations. Which led me to expanding an iPod playlist into this 45 song monster.

The only rule was that each artist would only appear once, although the initial version included both Julian Cope and the Teardrop Explodes to make up for the lack of ‘Seven Minutes To Midnight’ by Wah! Heat on Spotify.

The expanded version now includes a second artist with two songs – That Petrol Emotion because, well, go figure!

UPDATE: I keep remembering songs – Wild Swans, Half Man Half Biscuit and the Fall. The Fall and HMHB are in but ‘Revolutionary Spirit’ is another Liverpool underground classic to escape the Spotify massif. I’m now aiming for 50 but still maybe with a bonus track!

Anyhow here’s a link to the Expanded version:

Curiously Julian Cope, Stephen Fellows (of the Comsat Angels) and Wire have already released albums in 2020 whilst there may well be records in the rest of the year from the Dream Syndicate (10 April) , the Blue Aeroplanes, the Chills and the Everlasting Yeah (ex TPE).  There’s also been an album by the Friends of David McComb which presents 13 songs written by the former Triffid but never before released.