MPT Quarterly Report #1 (2020) – Playlist

Here’s the traditional look back at the last quarter of new music in the world of MPT.


The full tracklisting:

Throwing Muses – Dark Blue (single)
Wire – Primed and Ready (from ‘Mind Hive)
Clementine March – Le Continent (from ‘Le Continent)
Chris Forsyth/Garcia Peoples – Tomorrow Might As Well Be Today (live) (from ‘People’s Motel)
Lloyd James Fay – Idiocracy (single)
Sophia – Alive (single)
Nap Eyes – Mark Zuckerberg (from ‘Snapshot of a Beginner)
Echo Machine – Headlights (from ‘Instant Transmissions)
Whyte Horses – Ca Plane Pour Moi (from ‘Hard Times)
The Pictish Trail – Lead Balloon (from ‘Thumb World)
Lee Ranaldo & Raul Refree – The Art of Losing (from ‘Names of the North End Women)
Henry & Fleetwood – The Room (from ‘Archipelago EP 5)
Savage Mansion – Weird Country (single)
The Friends of David McComb – Lucky For Some (from ‘A Truckload of Sky’)
Vulture Party – Sun Dance (single)
No Age – Feeler (single)
Mitchell Museum – Freakbeak (single)
The Dream Syndicate – The Longing (single)

With LPs from Throwing Muses and Sophia, due in the next quarter but already postponed, the next quarterly report may be quite short!