Song of the Week #10 (2020) – The Beths

The last time the Beths were spotted in Europe they were concluding a summer of dates with a view to returning to New Zealand to record album #2.

The first fruits of those recordings came out last week with the release of  single ‘Dying To Believe’ preceding second album ‘Jump Rope Gazers’ out on 10 July. A number of promising new tunes had made it into the set before they returned to the Southern Hemisphere but ‘Dying To Believe’ wasn’t one of them.

Due to their knack of producing memorable hooks, the Beths have become firm MPT family favourites and ‘Dying To Believe’ is further proof of that ability. Of course there’s a video for the video which makes a good stab at capturingthe very essence of this charming band:

The album is out on Carpark Records and can be pre-ordered from the Beths’ Bandcamp.


  1. yes I saw them at BAAD in Glasgow on their last visit (think there is a review on, must admit was not entirely convinced but will take a listen to the new track…cheers Mike!


  2. To be fair there’s nothing revolutionary about them, might even be tempted to use the dreaded “power pop” but the album’s full of great tunes. New single took a couple of plays to stick but on the evidence of last year’s shows, there’s better stuff to come.

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