Life Under Lockdown #21 – Billordo

For a certain section of the population of Dundee, it’s unarguable that they have a favourite Argentinian with close links to the city, one Claudio Cannigia.

For a select but privileged group though, one of the ‘Little Bird’s’ compatriots, Diego Billordo, has an equally special place in their hearts. Having first heard of Billordo via a Spare Snare single covering two of his songs, he the came to Dundee and played such an engrossing and enthralling show that we had to invite him back.

Without the financial backing of a record label or management company, Billordo tours frequently, one man, his guitar, voice and songs and is superb. Drawing on the influence of the anti-folk scene that gave us the joys of Jeffrey Lewis and Moldy Peaches, Billordo gives it all his own unique twist winning over rooms of strangers and fans alike.

Maintaining a staunchly D.I.Y. approach to releasing music and touring and operating largely outwith the media spotlight he still reaches out to audiences across the world without any compromises or concessions to fashion or hype.

One of my wishes for life after lockdown, in whatever shape or form it takes is to put on another Billordo show, it’s a genuine pleasure and honour to do so. However, that’s for the future, for now here is Billordo’s Life Under Lockdown. (AJW)

First things first, how are you and how are you doing?

I’m fine. I’m in Buenos Aires Argentina now.

How has the lockdown affected you personally?

Yes affected …But I have my temperament… my mettle. I am not a star musician. I from the underground… And I am from South America. We Resisted …Before the pandemic … and today more. We always resist..

As a musician, has it directly affected you and in what ways?

Yes. I’m a musician. I lived on the continuous tour. My job was to play around the world. I’m fine, but this is all bullshit. Bad. We always resist.

There have been a lot of artists and performers finding ways to connect with their audience. How have you, if you have, engaged with people and how did you find the experience?

I am an “extreme user” of network media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others), but at the moment I am not going to change my style or forms. Before the pandemic, I would talk to people and share my songs and more. Same today. But … Maybe in the next few months I will do a live broadcast (I don’t like it) but I don’t know. Step by Step. “We should see what the new earth is like” and how we are going to walk on it and whether we accept this. This movie does not have a script yet.

What tips do you have or what things do you find useful in keeping yourself going during these strange times?

If you found a reason … And get on with this. If you didn’t find a reason, this is a reason to find one.

My “reason” is music … and fuck people who want to fuck people. In quarantine, people rely on music. And they give me “the power” to tell what happens to them. And what they need.

Have you taken on any new challenges or routines during lockdown?

Mmm… I can eat better now. I drink less.. I can write more songs…

What music, books, films, art or television shows have sustained you through lockdown?

Music? Folk… Folk punk and anti folk around the world and Spare Snare. I have time for discovering more new artists. I make playlists …. books? I like a book by David Byrne. “Reservoir Books” … Films, TV? Mmm, I revisit old documentaries about other countries and bands.. Remember …”the future is unwritten”.

What are your hopes for a post-lockdown world?

That it exists as such…

Anything else that you would like to add or say?

Thanks for thinking of me .

Take care of everyone.

Be safe.

We will prevail. We must prevail. Love.

Billordo’s most recent releases are ‘Never Had A Folk Hit (vol 3)’ (2018) and ‘Yo Nunca Me Rendí’ (2019) and both are available from his Bandcamp on a ‘Name Your Price’ basis.

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