It’s A Good Thing – That Petrol Emotion boxset

Yesterday (25th November) saw the long-awaited release of the That Petrol Emotion boxset ‘Every Beginning Has A Future’. The seven discs don’t quite round-up every last release from the band’s catalogue but it’s still a pretty definitive effort. In total there’s 121 tracks. Each of the band’s five albums are supplemented with additional tracks from…

Some Say She’s Still Out There – Meursault live

Meursault / Wojtek the Bear – Summerhall, Edinburgh, 10th November 2022 It was Meursault that heralded the arrival of the pandemic for us. We had tickets for the show at La Belle Angele in March 2020 but bottled it. So it was nice to bring things full circle by catching this show 30+ months on….

Mini-Discs Were Too Small – Pelts, Whin and Raveloe live

Pelts, Whin and Raveloe- Lanternhouse at Cumbernauld Theatre, Cumbernauld – Friday 4th November 2022 Some gig had to be the follow-up to our epic musical tour of Europe and fate decreed it would be this one. Raveloe opened the show with a short solo set. The number of songs being rotated is a good sign…

Mimi Parker

The world is a poorer place tonight. RIP Mimi.

The Chances We Take – Sophia live in Germany

Sophia – Kleine Freiheirt, Osnabrück, Germany – Sunday 23rd October 2022 Sophia had long been high on the list of bands I wanted to see live, particularly after hearing the stellar live album ‘As We Make Our Way (The Live Recordings)’. However, given that Robin Proper- Sheppard has only been able to bring a full…