It’s A Good Thing – That Petrol Emotion boxset

Yesterday (25th November) saw the long-awaited release of the That Petrol Emotion boxset ‘Every Beginning Has A Future’.

The seven discs don’t quite round-up every last release from the band’s catalogue but it’s still a pretty definitive effort. In total there’s 121 tracks.

Each of the band’s five albums are supplemented with additional tracks from non-album tracks including A-sides, B-sides and various covers from different ventures, although Chemicrazy’s extras stretch to an additional disc. The set is completed with live album Final Flame which is expanded to 17 songs from the original physical release.

Whereas often boxsets are, well, let’s be honest, a bit cheap in terms of production, this is quite a sturdy set which is beautifully done too, particularly if you can get the copies with the signed postcards by the five original members. Each of the albums come in replica cardboard sleeves

The big appeal for me was getting a physical copy of ‘Final Flame’ (although I do have the 2009 twenty-two track digital reissue) whilst also there’s a number of tracks I’ve never owned before, in particular the Membranes cover ‘Everybody’s Goin’ Triple Bad Acid Yeah!’. A number of tracks, such as debut single ’Keen’ also get their first ever release on CD.

The closest thing to something new being dug out from the archives would be the two live tracks from the Chemicrazy tour flexi-disc, but I suspect there will be plenty of “new” stuff for anyone other than the most dedicated who bought every single release on both vinyl and CD. (More details on the contents of each CD here)

The music, of course, is pretty much all great. And it’s (almost) all here.

To mark the release of the boxset and following on from the successful listening parties for all the albums (and non-single tracks) four band members (at least) are taking part in an online Q&A, hosted by John Harris, on Sunday 11th December at 8 p.m. (GMT).

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