I’m now, inexplicably, in my mid late 40s old. I’m married with 2 kids and we live in Fife, Scotland.

My big passions (apart from the family) are music and football. Although much less of the latter these days.

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  1. Joseph Blood says:

    Hi, my name is Joseph and I play in a Vancouver BC band called Bend Sinister. I am just spreading the word to online music blogs/sites/people about our new website where we are giving away 10 of our tracks for free. I figure lots of blogs and folks like to post about free tracks, so if you have a minute, check out the site (where you can hear the songs streaming b4 you download) and if you like them, perhaps you can spread the word or download them for yourself. Thanks for your time


    Joseph Blood

  2. jim mcguinn says:

    I used to have a record label in Philadelphia called Manic Pop Thrill. Before that, I used the moniker for a radio show in college on WEFT, Champaign. Now I too am in my mid-40s and I get to program a radio station in Minneapolis called The Current. Just saying hi – found you while looking for info on the new Edwyn Collins record.

  3. Pumajaw says:


    We are Pumajaw from Perth. Our music is quite dark and cinematic but we keep a pop sensibility. Our new single is going to be physically released on the 25th April to coincide with our show at King

    Tuts but is available as a free download now at http://www.pumajaw.co.uk/flashfiles/news.html

    We are also playing on the 12th June at The Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival in Doune and 14th June at Tunnels 1 in Aberdeen


    John + Pinkie

    ‘Wills is a highly accomplished player and his use of loops and samples creates a wall of sound that a full-blown band might struggle to craft. Sometimes growling, other times hauntingly angelic, Maclure’s voice is always utterly engaging and the way she handles the concertina would make the knees of grown men tremble.’ David Prater The Herald ****

    ‘Pumajaw links Loop’s hypnotics with trance-like beats, held together by Maclure’s disarmingly seductive voice.’ Uncut****

    ‘The bewitching Pumajaw are one of the Scottish music scene’s most exotic animals,’ Fiona Shepherd The Scotsman ****

  4. Sounds kinda interesting, Pumajaw from Perth. Will try and check it out ahead of the single release.

  5. Nick says:

    Hi Guys

    Thought you might like to come along and see me and my band (The Reward) play live on Saturday May 14th in Stereo.



    Stop Press:

    The Reward Reunite!

    Glasgow band, The Reward have just announced their first gig in almost three years.

    The original line up featuring Nick Quail, Paul Carlin, Ryan Reed and Kev McCaig will perform on Saturday the 14th of May in Stereo, Glasgow.

    Ryan Reed, the bass player, is flying in from his home in Norway especially to perform at the gig.

    If you did not have a chance to catch the Reward live first time round this may well be your one and only chance to see the original line up live on stage for some time, since Ryan Reed, the bass player, will return to Norway almost immediately after performing the gig!

    Tickets can be purchased from the following:-

    Buy tickets here

    Please note the band will be on stage at seven pm sharp. (Ryan has a plane to catch!)


    22-28 Renfield Lane, Glasgow, G2 5A

  6. johnny says:

    Thrum: Elettrorama ****
    PRA Records, only available online

    MONICA Queen’s formidable voice is familiar all across indieland thanks to her vocal turn on Belle & Sebastian’s much loved Lazy Line Painter Jane single but her own band Thrum have been dormant since the mid-90s. In the interim she has maintained her reputation as Glasgow’s guest vocalist of choice and released a couple of mellow, introspective albums with her partner John Smillie under her own name.

    But now the pair have reactivated Thrum and prepare to let rip again. Hearing Queen’s mighty voice unfettered and Smillie’s equally blistering Neil Young-esque guitar solos once more feels like reconnecting with an old friend. Elettrorama is not all conducted at full tilt but the joyous, lusty power pop production of Johnny What’s The Use and the brooding, stormy likes of Precious and Banish The Devil provide the big, demonstrative highlights. FIONA SHEPHERD


  7. Good day to all good scotsmen…

    Just wanted to give you and your readers a proverbial heads up about the debut release of a new record label from the Minneapolis MN (USA) area – it’s a modern interpretation of Gustav Holst “The Planets.” You can check out the official video trailer here:
    And listen to the opening track here:

    Thank you for listening,
    The July 4th

  8. Ryan says:

    I am writing on behalf of the band, The Atolls. The Atolls are from Glendora, CA and have recently released an EP which is available for free download at http://theatolls.bandcamp.com/, as well as for compact disc purchase which comes with a double-sided poster & lyrics sheet. The Atolls also have several shows coming up (July 16, July 28, August 4, more to be announced). Be sure to listen to the songs, “Older Nazi Boyfriends” and “Something I’m Not Supposed to Do.” Write about them if you would like to. Thank you for your time.



  9. Hi MPT,

    I’m reaching out to all the music blogs that I enjoy, with quality material, and an equal opportunity ethos for the up and coming bands. Glitter Freeze is a synthrock trio from Brooklyn, New York with 80’s new wave / post-punk influences.

    Would you be interested in reviewing our song “Broken Dreams”? Listen here: http://glitterfreezemusic.com/brokendreams.mp3

    To hear more and learn more about us, visit our official website: http://www.glitterfreezemusic.com

    Thank you so much & keep posting the good music,

    – Heather Elle

  10. Will give it a listen Glitter Freeze …

  11. Jan Burnett says:

    blatant plug for my project! The Grand Gestures. check the soundcloud link… http://soundcloud.com/thegrandgestures and http://thegrandgestures.com/ jxx

  12. Hi Jan, probably not the most prominent place to do a blatant plug! I’ll give it a listen and some more prominence in a few days.

  13. Hi MPT, Loving the blog mate especially the piece on Vladimir, Great band, great sound great guys, we’ve played with them once through in Dundee,

    Anyway I just wanted to introduce you to our band “Sonic Hearts Foundation”

    “Sonic Hearts Foundation are a four piece band who eschew the customary indie rock for something with a much darker texture” (Bluesbunny). Formed in 2010 in sunny Glasgow, Sonic Hearts Foundation are not your usual band, solely concerned with creating their own identity with a unique brand of effects drenched guitar noise”

    We recently supported the brilliant Duke Spirit at King Tuts and off the back of this we will be releasing our debut single “The Storm” on the 30th of April.

    To launch the single we will be creating a unique sound installation event with a strong visual element. Straying away from the usual venues we have decided to hold the event at The Glasgow Art Club in their main gallery. This will take place on 28th of April.

    Would you be Interested in reviewing the single? and perhaps doing a preview of the sound installation?

    We would also like to invite you to the sound installation event

    here are some links to our online profiles


    Any correspondance would be greatfully recieved,

    Brian Crawford,

    Sonic Hearts Foundation

  14. Hi Brian will give it a listen this week hopefully.

    1. Brian Crawford says:

      Thanks so much,

      Also here’s a link I forgot to paste before. It’s our promo video for the sound installation I mentioned before


      If you are interested in reviewing the single then you could send us a blank email to sonicheartsfoundation@hotmail.co.uk and we could email all the relevant stuff or if you prefer we could send you a promo copy of the single?

      Cheers again,

  15. Cheers for that. Much appreciated.

    If you fancy doing a review on our upcoming single we could email you all the relevent stuff mp3s, artwork ect or if you prefer we could post you a copy of the C.D.

    just let us know.

    Cheers again,


  16. Alex Moran says:

    Hi MPT,

    I am getting in touch in regards to my Edinburgh based band, The Seven Deadly Sins. We are self releasing our debut 4 track EP ‘Misery Lake’ on Tuesday 5th June and I was wanting to enquire as to whether you’d be able to review this release.

    The 4 tracks can be heard via this link http://soundcloud.com/thedeadlyteasers

    The running order for the EP is:
    1. An Accident Waiting To Happen (Awoo Woo Woo)
    2. Yesterday
    3. Misery Lake
    4. I Hate The Smell of a Rat

    In the weeks leading up to release our 4th official music video ‘Yesterday’ will be released and a 50 second animation teaser will be released for ‘I Hate The Smell of a Rat’ to promo the release.

    The physical CD’s are currently being made and will be with me a week before the 1st June release show. Please let me know if you’d like me to send you a copy in the post.

    Before then if you would like me to attach the mastered MP3’s via email or send the mastered Wave Files via a Yousendit link please let me know.

    Any promo, reviews or interviews you are able to provide us would be greatly appreciated and if you’d be able to forward an email to me once the article/link is live so we can promo the coverage via our websites that would also be excellent.

    Kind regards,

    Alex Moran
    http://www.youtube.com/user/thedeadlys (You can view our previous 3 music video’s here the latest was shot in Manhattan, NYC)

  17. Hi again MPT,

    This is a link to our video for the new single we released last week. we filmed, edited and produced the video ourselves as we also did with the single it’s self.

    We’d love for you to give us a wee write up on it and maybe even the single it’s self. I could email you all the relevant links if you do fancy it.

    Anyway heres the link to our video as i said before:


  18. Thud says:

    Old Ellery Bop track now up on youtube (torn apart) with album of new (old) material and single later in the year, I’ll send copy when ready.

  19. Jack says:

    Debut single from teenage Glaswegian indie pop/rock act Waiting For Go check it out!

  20. owenmcaulay says:

    I have a new album ‘time’ and have put the first trach ‘not for me’ at:

    If you would like to hear the album I would be happy to send you a copy,


    Owen McAulay

  21. endofneil says:


    I’m End of Neil!

    This year I’ve supported Withered Hand, Conquering Animal Sounds, The Vaselines, and played at Doune The Rabbit Hole festival.

    On the 28th September this year I am releasing my debut EP, ‘September’, and I want you to have a special preview listen.




  22. Hey
    I know its been out a while, but we’re hoping that the EP can still be reviewed even though it’s a bit late – there were some complications when it just came out that had to be sorted..
    We’re now giving the EP and our other releases away for free, so we’re just trying to let people hear the good news.


    Any help is really appreciated.
    Farewell Singapore

  23. Innes Nolan says:

    My name’s Innes, I’m a member of the Dunblane based band FRANK. We’re releasing an EP in late February and were wondering if you’d check it out. We’re trying to spread the word about the band etc and hype up the EP so a mention on your blog would be brilliant.

    I’ve put a link to a press release with more info about the release (launch show etc) and our bio. http://www.fileswap.com/dl/ew5lMbzAiY/

    I’ll also paste a link to our soundcloud so you can (obviously) listen to us. You can download the tracks too!

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Innes soundcloud.com/frankbandstirling

  24. Terry Fife says:

    Hey Mike, if you wouldn’t mind updating the link to Fits & Starts on your blogroll I would be most appreciative. It’s been on the shelf for awhile, but is now back and with a new home, https://fitsandstarts.sqsp.com

    Thanks so much!

  25. Ged says:

    Hi there Mike. Just sent you a presspack over to mmmm_music8@hotmail.com
    Hope you like our stuff.

    Thanks in advance,

  26. Hi,
    HANKY PANKY hail from Nantes in the west of France.
    “A Precious Bitch”, their first EP, is now available on BandCamp.
    We also invite you to watch « A Precious Bitch” clip on You Tube :

    Enjoy !

  27. Hi Mike,

    I really like your blog – I think we have similar musical tastes, so I thought I would recommend my band to you. We’re an acoustic/electric guitar duo called The Castle Forever and we play a lo-fi blend of indiepop, psych-folk, dream-pop, shoegaze and alternative rock. It sounds mostly like Felt, The Go-Betweens, The Clientele and Velvet Underground. You can listen to some of our songs on our soundcloud page here:

    I’d love to hear what you think.

    Thanks for listening,


  28. Fresh from the festival carnage …. As Fresh as they can be …. 

    Hello! One of Scotland’s hardest working, and certainly sweatiest outfits – The Victorian Trout Conspiracy, an Edinburgh based 10 piece manic ska-pop extravaganza,  currently taking the 2013 festival calendar by storm, have some new goodies to share!

    Their new single ‘Summer’ – an anthem for the sun kissed – tent pitching – thrill seeking – and slightly hungover youngster in all of us, is now available from all major online distributors, and I cordially invite you all to indulge yourself in a cheeky wee listen from this private link (downloadable at your desire, free of charge)  


    Enjoy! We truly do appreciate you taking the time to read this.


    Single Credits: 

    Fraser Fulton (Guitar / Ukulele / Vox) 
    Phil Ramsay (Trumpet / Melodica / Evilness) 
    Calum Mason (Bass / Vox) 
    Dave Gardner (Keys) 
    Robin Brill (Drums / Vox) 
    Ruaridh McIntosh Turner (Percussion) 
    Jay Sloan (Tenor Saxophone) 
    Craig Huggan (Cornet / Vox) 
    Gerard Sykes (Baritone Saxophone) 
    Izzy Flower (Trombone / Vox) 

    Produced by Gav Wiltshire and The Victorian Trout Conspiracy 

    Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gav Wiltshire at the Sound Cafe recording studio, spring 2013. www.gw-audio.co.uk 

    Released exclusively through Sound Cafe Records (SCR) 

  29. Hi

    Edinburgh singer-songwriter Norman Lamont (no relation) here. I have a new album, All The Time In Heaven, with its very own website at http://www.allthetimeinheaven.com.

    To quote the press release:
    ‘The new album comprises seven new Lamont songs mainly on the theme of loss – loss of a loved one, loss of childhood, loss of illusions. (An eighth song about loss of car keys was shelved during production.) Two covers make up the collection, one from the venerable Incredible String Band pioneer Clive Palmer and the other from the even more venerable W B Yeats.’ The first track was described as ‘Nick Cave meets Robert Fripp’ Hmmm.
    Here’s the video, for the token happy song. Hope it cheers someone up.

  30. Fiona says:


    My band Amidships is coming to Scotland next week as part of a UK tour. We’re playing Electric Circus Edinburgh on Wed 23rd and Pivo Pivo Glasgow on Thurs 24th.

    Here’s our Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/amidships

    Would be great to know what you think! If you could make it down to the show, even better.

    Cheers & all the best,


  31. joe says:

    Hey there. My band 3 days from retirement have just released our self titled debut EP. We are a cinematic Post-rock band from Edinburgh (thats right, another uber loud edinburger instrumental lot) Have a listen to the stream on our bandcamp below


    3 days from retirement


  32. Lisa says:

    Hi there
    Just wondering what email is best to send information about our bands to?

  33. neil says:

    Hi from thepuregallus, I’m a solo artist from Edinburgh, would be great if you could have a listen to my stuff, which you can find at thepuregallus.bandcamp.com.

  34. Big Cloud says:

    Happenin man, I’m a fellow auld codger who is absolutely daft on music so I feel your pain. I’ve gave up the football & totally neglect my family so I have enough time to play in Big Cloud though, which is fucking terrible but YOLO & all that.
    If you fancy a listen you can do one here:

    Big Cloud – Stop! Smoke! Listen! EP

  35. Jimmi Nosun says:

    Hi there,

    We’re The Nosuns, two brothers originally fae Aberdeen, separated by circumstances, responsibilities and thousands of miles, held together by a cheap four track, a shared love of obscure Scottish football players from the early nineties and the need to keep making music. Perhaps we’ve something in common!

    Our first collection of songs started out as a handful of acoustic demos which, after bouncing back and forth across the internet, through space and time, has evolved into a kind of lo-fi indie pop acoustic electro thing.

    Our first album will be called The Third Line, and we’ve put some of the tracks up on bandcamp:

    And some others on soundcloud:


    We hope you like it, but we’d really appreciate any constructive criticism too.


  36. Hello-

    Just a noise pop band from Portland, OR. here – We would love to send you a physical copy of our new 2-song 7″ on SINIS Recordings if you’re interested. You can also stream it:
    VIDEO for “Get High”:

    Cheers! Thanks for listening
    -Tender Age

  37. Sweet Creeps says:

    A Night in with Sweet Creeps EP- Sweet Creeps.

    3-piece guitar driven Glasgow band Sweet Creeps are here with their keenly anticipated first release. Having played venues across the city in 2015- King Tuts, Broadcast and Bloc included- the band are excited to share with you their inaugural vibes.

    A Night in with Sweet Creeps EP is available for free streaming and purchase now from the websites below.

    “…impressively balanced guitar-saturated bombast and memorable melodic licks. Roll on more material.”- Bloc Music.



  38. Hi, 

    Academy Strangers have just released their latest single, “Belief”. I have included a link to YouTube which has the video shot by Stuart Breadner at Shootback for the song produced by Bruce Rintoul at 45-a-side Studios. We hope you enjoy the track enough to feature on your site. 

    They will be playing the Mash House, Edinburgh on 25th March playing alongside So Many Animal Calls. 

    You can find more on the band on their social media sites. 

    Hope to hear back soon,



  39. Steve says:

    I thought this might be of interest given your web-site name…! The Everlasting Yeah – featuring That Petrol Emotion bandmates Raymond Gorman, Brendan Kelly, Ciaran McLaughlin and Damian O’Neill (The Undertones) – will be playing at The Half Moon Putney on Thursday May 12th to promote their debut album “Anima Rising”. Retro Man Blog presents an evening of Melody-Harmony-Beat-Noise from The Everlasting Yeah with special guests Of Arrowe Hill. Tickets are limited to 200 and available now at only £13.50 in advance from The Half Moon or £14.50 on the door.

    The Half Moon Putney, 93 Lower Richmond Road, London SW15 1EU (Tel: 0208 780 9383)

    Advance Ticket link:

  40. Dan says:


    We (Crescendo) released our first onto Soundcloud track last Friday .

    It was recorded by Steve Mason (Beta Band) in Fife, Scotland and John Hannon (Liberez) at No Recording Studio in Rayleigh, England. It’s called ‘Survive’ and is wobbly electronic pop. Thought (hoped) you might be into it!

    Here is a link: https://soundcloud.com/crescendo303/survive

    Let us know if you’d like a file sent over or any other info.

    Thanks for your time!



  41. Steve says:

    Ebbot Lundberg, the charismatic front-man of two of Sweden’s most influential bands, The Soundtrack of Our Lives and Union Carbide Productions, will be making his first U.K. appearance since 2012 with his new band The Indigo Children to promote their debut album “For The Ages To Come” at The Half Moon in Putney, London on June 24th. Support comes from The Fallen Leaves (ex-Subway Sect, The Chords) and The Galileo 7 (ex-The Prisoners, Solarflares).

    Tickets and information can be found at the following link.


  42. Hi there!

    My name is Callum Wilson, and I am currently representing the talented; fast growing in local popularity; unsigned Ayrshire act known as The Mawb. I would really like to submit some awesome material from these guys for you to listen to, and possibly review! They currently have a debut EP out on Spotify & Apple Music titled simply ‘The Mawb’, which was released in October last year to a great reception at Nice N Sleazy’s.

    The Mawb started out from the Commerical Music course at UWS Ayr last year, alongside also growingly popular new act Crystal. I have been working with The Mawb for a short time now having known them as great friends first, but in this time I have managed to set up a website for you to view which is connected to their Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud. Also, I have just bought and received their first batch of merchandise!

    Their brilliant live shows always amass enthusiastic crowds, alongside their loyal local following – they will be playing tomorrow night at the UWS Ayr Union; the 18th at Ivory Blacks and the 22nd of March at Nice N Sleazy’s, supporting Magnus.

    I have attached the website from which to can play their EP single ‘Closure’. I hope you have some time to give The Mawb a listen and enjoy doing so!

    Thank you very kindly for your time so far,

    Kind Wishes

    Callum R Wilson

  43. Hi MPT, the Dream Syndicate stuff really floats my boat and have them on my knackered ipod (alternative name for Broken Chanter?) – will defo listen to these new tracks and thanks for the head up etc, (Doune looking pretty good this year btw, may have to volunteer…)- cheers man…

  44. Clivey says:

    Here’s my new album “thoughts of Leith” and I am desperately looking for listens.

    Peace and love

  45. Gordy says:

    Fife eh? if there was an email address displayed anywhere handy, I’d send you our latest bumff… but here’s a link to a Glenrothes video anyways https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JordoF-vQao

  46. Hey there!
    I am Aris from OneWomanCompany, a PR/management agency.
    We collaborate with many new talented musicians/bands (mostly rock,metal)
    and it would be a real pleasure if you would like to listen to some of our bands and if you like,
    add them to your playlists or post about them.
    If you are interested let me know the best way for me to contact and send you tracks, bio, info etc.
    We will be glad to hear from you!
    Have a great day!
    Mail: owc.unlmtd@gmail.com

  47. melissa locke says:

    I’m a first year student from Glasgow Kelvin college and we’re working with an artist called Scunnurt who just released an EP on our student run record label. Any feedback on the EP would be appreciated. /Users/melissalocke/Downloads/pdf_20220421_144949_0000.pdf

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