MPT Presents

The first joint MPT/Cool Cat Club presentation of 2016:


Tickets for the show are available online here more and in Groucho’s.

More info on the show here.

It’s a long overdue follow-up to the first ever MPT show six years ago:


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  1. Darren C says:

    This is a great blog! I’ve been sent to email bloggers about possibly reviewing the band but I’ve spent the last 15 minutes listening to videos on your home page! I’ve seen the Burns Unit video on Jools already but that Thurston Moore track is great. I’ve never heard of them/him before. So thanks for that.

    Anyway on with the annoying part. Given your interest in Central Scotland bands we wondered if you might be intrigued to hear something happening in the very, VERY far end of the country – way up beside John O’Groats. We’re a band called MAYDAYS and we’re just looking for a bit of publicity for our 3 free download singles we’ve released this months.

    Everything you’ll need in is on

    I hope you enjoy and please keep up the blog.



    1. Hi Darren

      Will give the songs a listen.


  2. Hi

    I was wondering if this would be of any interest for a review? If you’re interested please email me and I’ll send you a download code for the album.

    Under the Heart by Louise McVey & Cracks in the Concrete (Release date 5th December 2016)

    Under the Heart is the second album by Louise McVey and Cracks in the Concrete – a collaboration between Glasgow-based artist & singer Louise McVey and musician Graeme Miller. It’s a darkly atmospheric and at times unsettling collection of tracks which combine McVey’s sonorous vocals with Miller’s off kilter musical arrangements. Brussels-based polymath David Russon provides a slightly unhinged spoken word guest performance on the album.

    Each copy of the vinyl has a unique sleeve created individually by Louise and Graeme featuring old discarded photographs and portraits found in junk shops. Their unknown subjects leave more questions unanswered.

    The duo’s first release was on the eclectic and prestigious Optimo Music label.. Live, they have shared a stage with the likes of Lydia Lunch’s Big Sexy Noise and Pete Molinari and they played a session on Vic Galloway’s BBC Radio Scotland show on the release of their debut album Love Lust Tales. They have performed a live soundtrack for the aerial dance company Spinal Cord’s Masked extravaganza and Graeme has also provided the soundtracks for Sven Werner’s Tales of Magical Realism trilogy of immersive installations as well as the score for his latest film. He was also part of the mysterious Orkestra Obsolete who earlier this year found Youtube notoriety by recreating the New Order Classic Blue Monday using unusual & outdated instruments.

    Facebook –

    Many thanks


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