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Fence Party

The next week is a busy one for me for gigs starting with Day 5 of Haarfest in Cellardyke last night. But for three and a half hours frustrating hours, stuck in the car park at work with a car which wouldn’t start, it looked like I wasn’t going to make to the show at all.

In the end I did but I knew that my chances of seeing Meursault at least were toast. Fortunately I arrived just in time to see Withered Hand.

As I’ve noted before Dan Willson has some cracking songs and an almost legendary dry stage presence. There was no flour this time but we did get a run through of most of his debut LP and as a a bonus 2 or 3 new songs including an up tempo guitar tune finale. The audience absolutely adored Withered Hand. And rightly so.

I didn’t expect The Oates Field at all as they were not mentioned on the original publicity for the show.  Alan Oates (ex Come In Tokyo) starts off solo with an acoustic and a handful of very short folky numbers. Joined by his band the first couple of tunes are Celtic tinged with swooping vocals before the set concludes in a raucous fashion with a run through of what I’m assuming were CiT songs. It’s all highly enjoyable stuff.

FOUND‘s set is a reminder of how little I really know about Fence. At one point they seemed to invite random members of the audience onto the stage. Yet the audience knew all the words to the short Breeders-esque  pop song which follows so I come to the conclusion that it’s not quite as random as it seemed.

Otherwise I’m not quite sure what I make of FOUND themselves. They’re undoubtedly the festival’s party band though and inspired some impressive synchronised dancing throughout. Early on, their songs seem to stop jsut when they were hitting their groove but in particular on the last tune they carried it to its logical conclusion.

The encore emphasised the tight knit nature of Haarfest  as it featured King Creosote himself and even some thoroughly unpleasant and unplanned guitar feedback was turned round to allow a good old fashioned singalong with the audience before KC improvised the thanks for the day over the same melody

So in the end then everything turned out fine.

Photos from Friday night here.

You can see highlights from the earlier days of Haarfest over on ‘official Haarfest broadcast partner’ Song, By Toad. And I’ll link to Matthew’s video diary of yesterday here when it’s available.


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