I Keep Having The Same Dream – MPT 2017 Playlist #4

We’ve reached the penultimate 2017 playlist. The biggest challenge was somehow incorporating the Blanck Mass track given the way that the songs on the album merge into one another. However the sequence I’ve used came about by accident (if you can call the alphabet an accident!) but seems to work.

How You Gonna Sleep Tonight? – MPT 2017 Playlist #3

“How you gonna sleep tonight?” Here’s the third playlist looking back on some of my favourite songs from the last 12 months. Not sure that this one isn’t the one that has a few more surprises than the others:

2017 LPs – 1-10

I do genuinely think this has been the best year for albums in the blog’s lifespan – at least in terms of my tastes. It does seem that my feelings on the best albums tend to be drifting towards older artists again but I’d argue that is only when the older artists produce work that…

Song of the Week (15) – Lee Ranaldo

There was a run of great records in the autumn, including the Dream Syndicate, Brix and the Extricated and Lee Ranaldo. And it’s that last one that still has its melodic hooks snagged on me the most at the moment. Which is perhaps evidenced by the fact that Lee is the first artist to be…

Song of the Week (8) – Lee Ranaldo

Lee Ranaldo – Summerhall, Edinburgh – November 2016 The release of a new video from Lee Ranaldo’s wonderful ‘Electric Trim’ album is not just an opportunity to give the fomer Sonic Youth man the latest song of the week but also to offer a review of the record. First off though here’s the new video…