2017 – Singles and E.P.s

Here’s a rundown of the best of this year’s short form releases. Top 10 Singles 1.       The Breeders – Wait in the Car 2.       St Christopher Medal – Wayne Moon Pilot 3.       The Surfing Magazine – New Day 4.       Bdy_Prts – Rooftops 5.       Oddnesse – Swim to the Shore 6.       Slowdive – Star Roving 7.      …

Song of the Week (3) – Life Model

We first came across Life Model at Randolph Leap’s ICDTTM4 last year and really enjoyed their performance. On investigating further, the records available at the time seemed to be a couple of years old but the band have finally got round to remedying that with the release a couple of months ago of new E.P….