Stuck In The Left Over Light – Magazine LP review

Just over a week ago, I didn’t even know there was going to be a new Magazine LP, yet here I am writing about it. Magazine, of course, reformed to play their first shows since the early 80s a couple of years back. And they faced the same dilemma that others do when they reform….

Losing Myself In The Crowd

Magazine’s only ever punk single? And the greatest 7″ of all time? Yes to both – from here at least.

Xmas Gifts

A couple of my Christmas presents from Mrs MPT were Magazine related. First up is Magazine – The Biography. It’s a timely read given the praise feted on the band’s legacy in the last 12 months. But, as the book reminds you,  such universal praise didn;t exist in the band’s lifetime. Indeed around the time…

There’s This Woman I Need To Impress

To make up for not being able to make the Magazine show in Edinburgh in August, I treated myself to the Live DVD/CD package Real Life + Thereafter. The main part of the package is the entire show the band played on 17th February at the Machester Academy. But there’s also a CD of the…


Just found out about this. I’m intrigued and quite interested in going. But who’s going to be the guitarist? IMHO, Magazine were never the same without the late great John McGeoch. Magazine – Permafrost (from ‘Secondhand Daylight’ remaster) [Buy the CD] [Dowload the LP]